Need help with Hydrazide Sulphate cancer treatment

My brother is battling pancreatic cancer for the last two years. He is almost
in his last stage. We want to try everything we can save him. I just came
across Hydrazine Sulfate and it looks very promising. However; there is some
controversary over it which causes some alarm. I went to Wikipedia and here
is what it says:

Hydrazine sulfate is toxic and carcinogenic.[34][35] Nevertheless, the
short-term side effects reported in various clinical trials are relatively
mild:[6] minor nausea and vomiting, dizziness and excitement, polyneuritis
(inflammation of the nerves) and difficulties in fine muscle control (such as
writing). However, more serious, even fatal side effects have been reported
in rare cases: one patient developed fatal liver and kidney failure, [36] and
another developed serious symptoms of neurotoxicity.[37] These side effects
and other reports of hydrazine toxicity[26][27] are consistent with the
hypothesis that hydrazine may play a role in the toxicity of the antibiotic
isoniazid, which is thought to be metabolized to hydrazine in the body.[6]

Hydrazine sulfate is also a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI),[38] and is
incompatible with alcohol, tranquilizers and sleeping pills (benzodiazepines
and barbiturates), and other psycho-active drugs, with pethidine (meperidine,
Demerol), and with foods containing significant amounts of the amino acid
breakdown product tyramine, such as aged cheeses, raisins, avocados,
processed and cured fish and meats, fermented products, and others.

My brother is taking morphine 30 mg twice and also antibiotic. I want to make
sure that

it is safe to give him. I have called some pharmacists and physicians friends
but they don't know too much about it or may be don't want to say something
due to legal consequences.

Can you help me to get an answer? Is there any authentic website where I can
get a true answer?

Your immediate attention is requested.

He is currently Taking Morphine 30 mg every 12 hours and 500 Mg of Bectrine
He is also taking National Cancer Research Foundations's (Fred Eichhorn)
Cellect Powder


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