Questions about DCA treatment to help friend with cancer

A dear friend of mine has terminal cancer and will most likely not
make it to February. There is a good chance he would try DCA free and with a
waiver if it stood a chance of saving his life. I could be wrong, if he's in
the "acceptance" stage he may be just too tired. I am willing to drive
thousands of miles to pick up the goods, bring him down ect.... though am low
on funds. I bet I could at least come up0 with a good chunk of money though
with local donations, friends, & family so even if any idea is expensive,
please do share.

He is young and strong and already passed what the Doctors expected. They
removed a lung and it caused cancer to explode, I think the cancer in the lung
is gone though. He has been ripped off and I beg of you to share this DCA.

Thank You,
Tracey L.

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