Cell permeability and Cell inflammation

Today I am writing about 2 subjects:

Cell permeability

Cell inflammation




Cell permeability - The permitting or activating of

the passage of substances into, out of, or through


Basically your cell walls have to be able to let

nutrients in and toxins out.

Sulfur is necessary for cell membrane permeability

by regulating sodium potassium pump. This pump system

permits nutrients and fluids to flow freely into cells

and waste and toxins to flow out. As the cell removes

toxins it also removes sulfur, which neutralizes the

toxin in the first place. Therefore, sulfur is needed

as part of the regular diet.

Sulfur is also a component of insulin, which is a very

important hormone that regulates glucose uptake by cells

for use as an energy source. Sulfur is necessary for the

production of collagen and keratin. Both are protein

substances that the body needs for the maintenance of

skin, hair, nails and health in general. Sulfur is often

used for treatment of a variety of skin disorders.

It is also thought that sulfur is more effective in

conjunction with vitamins C and B complex and electrolytes.

The drinking of plenty of water is necessary in order to

aid sulfur in removing toxins from the body. Sulfur is

essential in the formation of amino acids, blood proteins,

healthy skin and connective tissues in the body.

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C-reactive protein (CRP) is protein found in the blood,

the levels of which rise in response to inflammation.

CRP or cell inflammation rises when nearly anything

is going wrong in your body.

The acute phase response develops in a wide range of

acute and chronic inflammatory conditions like bacterial,

viral, or fungal infections; rheumatic and other

inflammatory diseases; malignancy; and tissue injury or


All that means is that when anything is wrong or out

of balance, your cells are inflamed and CRPs are released.

The Vemma Clinical Trials were conducted by one of the

industry's most widely recognized experts in Independent

Clinical Testing, Brunswick Laboratories in Southborough, MA.

The intention of these studies was to evaluate the efficacy

and overall bioavailability of a mangosteen product containing

multivitamins, essential minerals and antioxidants (Vemma)

on immune function and well-being in adults.

This was done by subjecting the product to the gold standard

of clinical research — the independent, double-blind,

placebo-controlled study that follows a specific set of

procedures to ensure that the results are dependable and

free from bias.

The studies confirmed Vemma showed significant improvements

in immune markers, superior antioxidant absorption and a

lowering of C-reactive protein (CRP), which points to its

beneficial effects on overall health and wellness.

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Vemma will reduce cell inflammation back to healthy levels.

This is truly amazing.

With these 2 simple supplements you can increase you cells

ability to do its job and reduce any cell inflammation you

may have.

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Yours in health,

Dr Ron Neer and Clint Brown

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