Is electrical energy a food? A Profession Message for Dr. Klinghardt

We study organic sulfur, a food. Is electrical energy a food?

My first realization of your involvement in biology became aware to us

the Cellular Matrix Study when Weston A. Price people called to join the

Study Dr. Louisa Williams had described because you spoke these word.

No modality will work if you are sulfur deficient, a paraphrase, that was


2010 Stephanie Seneff wrote an article entitled “Could sulfur deficiency

Be a contributing factor in obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s (Autism is

The same neurological disconnect cause by heavy metals), Crohn’s,

Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and wasting disease (cancer.)

In 1975 this photographer was offered a free ride through an ophthalmology

Residency. $90,000 that was a bribe in 1975. I declined.

Sir we are contemporaries, and our study thanks to a little help from our friends

The study has 110,000 study members in 38 countries, with no collateral

damage and even the n-stage cancer folks refuse to die, 103 of them.

50 plus men but mostly single women have cancelled their reservations for

the Home, two have left. One after 11 years, they remember who they are.

20 kids and their mothers who are no longer Autistic is what makes the work

“wonderful,” they are back communicating when a failure to communicate

was their only problem. The winners are the moms, they kids only remember

what they learned in a cocoon of heavy metals in the blood brain barrier.

Ann Bernard sent me your EMF video and you stated that those things

which effect our health change with time,, may I remind you of Fredrich

Bayer, the chemists and the deadly patent. 1827 Aspirin.

Sir we come for the kids, no matter how old they may be chronologically,

77 years is our average age, Did I hear you say teach medical students due

To what you have experienced and learned, learning never stops if you it

Give it a chance.

Everything works better if organic sulfur is added to the diet, and for those

in Seattle, sulfur can protect and repair the damage of radiation exposure.

even solar radiation, seldom a problem in Seattle.

Pub Med. A simple crystal food.

Considering the kids shooting kids and Senators, sulfur reverses the

effects of Ritalin, you of all people should know about Ritalin regarding

Rommel, his troops and the Panzers in North Africa.

Gas and Ritalin, no food.

Dr. Klinghardt we have not gone to Europe, Europe, Africa, China they

have come to us, by word of mouth.

We come for the kids, we could talk?

Merry Christmas should be a right brain event, the images of Sofia go

From bi-lingual, to no lingual to Shirley Temple, she is back and mom

Is one happy camper. Truly another Merry Christmas

Patrick McGean


Cellular Matrix Study

Body Human Project est. 1999

801-290-2013 MST

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