Losing weight begins in your head -NLP

Beverly Rothstein was a lifelong yo-yo dieter until she discovered the secret to shaping up was all in her head.

“All you need to lose weight succinctly is to change your mind,” the 60-year-old weight-loss guru and realtor tells Sun Media in a phone interview from sunny south Florida.

“Once your mind changes, your body will follow because the behaviour changes.”

Perhaps that’s what 17th-century philosopher Rene Descartes really meant when he famously uttered: “I think, therefore I am.”

Prior to changing her thought process in 2003, Rothstein had spent much of her life on a diet rollercoaster – often losing five pounds and then gaining 10.

“When I was about 10 years old, I remember my aunt calling me a butterball,” she recalls of the hurtful comment that inevitably set in motion a nearly half-century-long battle of the bulge.

“I’ve been on every single diet. If you named one, I could say I was on it.”

Rothstein hit rock bottom in her mid-50s, about five years ago.

The real estate agent explains that the slowdown in the U.S. housing market sent her stress levels skyward – along with her bodyweight.

“The market slowed down, the weight went up,” she says.

Rothstein – a native of Brooklyn, N.Y., now living in Coral Springs, Fla. – ballooned to 157 pounds on her small-boned five-foot-four frame.

“Not a pretty sight,” admits the married mother of two daughters.

Then Rothstein, a psychology major in college, discovered neuro linguistic programming (NLP) – a self-hypnosis process that would help her tap into the power of her subconscious mind – after it was suggested by a hypnotherapist she knew.

Through NLP, Rothstein changed her stinkin’ thinkin’ – negative thoughts and behaviours – and then reaped the rewards of her altered destiny. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming

In seven months – along with an exercise regimen and healthy diet, she dropped 40 pounds.

Most importantly, the excess adipose hasn’t returned.

“Basically, once your subconscious mind has a picture of you as a thin person, your conscious mind will do those behaviours that will keep that image in place,” she explains. “If you’re overweight, you’ll eat smaller portions of healthy foods and want to exercise in some way.”

These days, the diminutive Rothstein – who is to become a grandmother in July – is a fit 119 pounds.

She does Pilates twice a week and goes to boot camp once a week.

The boot camp, led by two licensed fitness instructors, is held in a park and provides an effective cardio workout through mostly 30-second intervals of intense exercise – everything from jumping rope to twirling hula-hoops, Rothstein says.

“That’s cardio, whereas Pilates strengthens your core and it shapes your body,” she says. “I try to mix up everything and then because my husband lifts weights, he makes me do some weightlifting at least once a week. Not big ones either.”

As for her diet, Rothstein points out that her mind has been programmed to make healthy choices.

“I don’t want the fattening foods,” she says. “I don’t live to eat. I eat to live.”

Building on the foundation of her own weight-loss success, Rothstein is now sharing her secret.

She has parlayed her personal expertise into Your Slim Vision, a weight-loss program that includes a DVD and three CDs based on NLP and developed in collaboration with certified hypnotist Laura King.

“I’m on a mission,” Rothstein says. “My goal in doing this is to give people the tools that they need to change their lives, to change their health.

“I believe your destiny is based on how you greet the world, how you think about the world and all the energy you have.”

Indeed, thoughts manifest your destiny. What you think, you become.

“Yup, exactly,” she adds. “You say, ‘Oh, I’m never going to do this or I’m never going to do that.’ What happens? It’s self-fulfilling prophecy.

“I get up in the morning, I say, ‘Today’s going to be a great day.’ That’s it.”

So it’s all in our heads. Who would have thought to look there?

Visit yourslimvision.com for more info.

Cary Castagna is a certified personal trainer through Can-Fit-Pro. If you have a story for Keeping Fit, e-mail Cary at cary.castagna@sunmedia.ca

Beverly’s holiday fitness tips:

• Don’t go to a party or family gathering starving. As soon as you do that, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Prior to the party, snack on foods with fibre and protein.

• Learn to say no. But say no in a nice way. You can just say, ‘Hey, I don’t need it, I don’t want it, I can live without it.’

• Take a very small portion. Your hostess won’t be annoyed with you. Thoughtful portions and thoughtful eating can get you through the holidays without a big weight gain.

• Take your focus off food. Don’t think of each day of the holidays as a food festival. Each day of the holidays is a time for you to be with your family and your friends.
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By Cary Castagna

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