UV radiation damage from ozone hole--our time on Earth is numbered

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This comment at the bottom was just sent to me. It is from a resident of Alaska. The ozone damage mentioned is from one primary source, period. Geoengineering. Check the science on this. I am not wrong.
Our days are numbered if the spraying continues. Not only from the ozone destruction but from a long list of other geoengineering consequences.
Below are links to articles that cover the dire aspect of the ozone destruction being caused by the ongoing geoengineering spray programs. There are many more under any heading that applies such as "geoengineering destroys ozone" etc.

The comment below is from TruthDig in the comments section after Amy Goodman's column:
Amy Goodman is doing more harm than good in recent years as she has been bought by the corporations. This is not speculation as I know people that work with her. She is now paid by the "Ford Foundation" among others. She stays away from any story they forbid her to cover. That simple'
RT TV is the best news going by far at this point. If not for them, we would have no credible news source on TV.

UV radiation damage


"I agree the die has been cast. We are selling our farm in Alaska, because the tres all burned up with too much uv light. Everything is looking burned, spruce birch especially, little flowers, the whole upper hillside areas with small plants. It's not on the news yet but it will be. The ozone hole went from 40% to 80% last year, April to oct of 2011 , and it hardly made the news. No one is acknowledging it, the forest service, dept of ag, I even contacted James Hansen, the nations chief climatologist, and he hadn't heard, yet you know e govt knows. The entire forest driving up toward delta junction is all burned on top. Uv will kill all plant life, as it has done, or is in the process of doing. If it all dies, it's 200 yrs worth of global emissions all at once, or over several years that it takes to decompose. 703 Pg of carbon. It's waaaay too late to change now. And still... Still people don't want to hear ant it."

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