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My name is Corine and I am a acupuncturist and herbalist and am looking for a formula to expel gallstones and couldn't find much in my books.

I found this Chinese herbal formula on your website:

The fundamental etiology of gallstones and cholecystitis is Damp-Heat. Cholecystitis is characterized by Damp Heat in the Gallbladder and gallstone is characterized by Damp Heat drying up fluid in the Gallbladder. Dissolve(*) is the herbal formula of choice for treating gallstones and cholecystitis. The ingredients are as follows:

- Gentiana / long dan cao / Gentianae Longdancao, Radix
- Capillaris / yin chen hao / Artemisiae Yinchenhao, Herba
- Glechoma / jin qian cao / Lysimachiae, Herba
- Clematis / wei ling xian / Clematidis, Radix
- Litchi Seed / li zhi he / Litchi Chinensis, Semen
- Aurantium Fruit / zhi ke / Citri Auran tii, Fructus
- Gallus/ ji nei jin / Corneum Gingeriae Galli, Endothelium
- Rhubarb / da huang / Rhei, Radix et Rhizoma

My question is what are the amounts to take for each herb (6g, 9g?) and what is the dosage to use here for the whole decoction? Do you recommend using it for a short amount of time or over a longer period to make sure your patient is as stonefree as possible?

I am looking forward to your answer!


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