Need help finding a doctor to help son get off prescription drugs

My son is on a drug that is affecting his mental and Physical health

We need to find a Doctor that is against these types of drugs.My son is on
Zyprexa 5mg and it's affecting his mental and physical health.My son is not
Bipolar/Psysoafective.My son fell in 2009 on kitchen floor coming out of the
bathroom from taking shower and hurt his lower back.He asked me to accompany
him to the emergency room in Holyoke.I first told him i would of rather take
him to Chiropractor because i had a bad experience at the local Hospital,but
he insisted and i accompany him.Once at the hospital the nurse told me that
the Doctor ordered 2 pills 800 mg of Motrin for pain.I told her i never offer
my son over 600mg of Motrin.

I told my son lets go i have son at home but the
nurse was contradicting what i was telling my son and kept offering the 2
pills that i asked to see and she would not let us.I am about 4 to 5 feet
away and she pops the pills in sons mouth against my consent my son was 16
yrs old.In a few my son is feeling druggged up and can't walk steady.I report
he is feeling unsteady on his feet and she replies walk with him up and the
down the corridors.Then the nurse discharges my son.

The next day at night my son awakens me from my sleep complaining he feels something painful going up
the right side of his head and he can't sleep.I call his primary Doctor and
he advises to bring my son to local hospital for Cat scan of my sons head.The
Cat Scan comes out okay.Mys on behavior gradually changes i see him more
distrustful,looking himself alot in the mirror,paranoid.This incident
happened in March,in July he is not eating enough and is very paranoid and
broke a chair at my parents.He was admitted at local hospital then admitted
the next day at Providence hospital.This is where they discharge him with
Zyprexa.The experience at this hospital was not good.A nice nurse or 2 but
some others were very uncaring.Can you refer a good Doctor that is totally
against these types of drug..


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