Stomach and digestive problems that need answers

I have a very unusual problem. I was wondering
if you would be able to suggestchinese medicine/acupuncture
would be able to help me as western doctors dont believe me!

In May/June I spent 4 weeks in
Bangkok as I wanted to have my hemorrhoid problem
sorted out. I did try acupuncture but in the end had
a new treatment, Ultroid, which uses electricity to
cause a reaction that shrinks the hemorrhoid. This procedure
left a burn but I didnt feel anything for 11 days.

11 days after the procedure and the night after consuming
a small amount of chilli I woke up one saturday with intense burning
after my bowel movement. I must add my diet for 3 weeks
was fruit for lunch/breakfast followed by an evening meal of
spinach with garlic (shaved pieces), mushrooms and normally either tofu
or fish. I drank ginger tea and water afterwards to aid digestion
and I normally didt sleep until around 5 hrs after dinner.

The burning continued into the next week and I left bangkok for
Dubai 3 days after it first happened. When I got to Dubai I fasted
on the wednesday. I didnt eat much from tuesday to thursday but
drank large amounts of water. I did feel dehydrated.

On the friday morning I went to the bathroom and much to my
amazement nothing came out except GARLIC! Over the next few
days I could see plenty of garlic in all my bowel movements. It looked
like garlic - some was undigested - and smelt like garlic.

At this time I should have seen a chinese doctor but instead went
for an Indian herb, Triphana and the following monday took a full dose
which was an effective laxative and resulted in plenty of garlic leaving
my system but within a day or two I Knew that wasn't enough.

Over the next 6 days I visited 3 western doctors - the gastroenterologist
got me taking a mild laxative, a cream and some suppositories. The
gastro surgeon did allow me to take a strong laxative - a pre procedure
clearout - which did feel as if it removed more of the garlic.

I feel this clearout did unfortunately make my stools more acidic -
on waking up I am feeling the same rectal burning after my bowel movements.

There is clearly less garlic than before - last sunday, the day before the
strong laxative, I started drinking warm water and within an hour i
passed several pieces of garlic. My rectum was burning beforehand
and after passing the garlic there was no burning for 3 hours or so.

The problem is western doctors dont believe this is possible.

Do you think chinese medicine and acupuncture could help me?

Many Thanks


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