Some thoughs on prescription medications, antidepressants and mental illness

The only disagreement is there are no barriers involving
age. It is all about the chemistry makeup of each individual. I have had
first hand experience since the mid-eighties 24/7, 365 days a year. I have
had experience with almost all the various drugs involved in chemical
imbalances from the old to the new. My battles with the doctors, hospitals,
and health system has been ongoing. In 2005, the burden of proof was made by
me at the hospital. In 10-15 minutes, I showed them what a med would do.
They were shocked. It made a difference and my son has not returned to a
hospital since that date. When the meds change the personality of a caring,
kind person, you know something is terribly wrong. Only family members and
friends know the true personality of an individual, strange doctors, and
hospital staff do not.

To help those with chemical imbalances, you need only
2 well-trained, objective individuals assigned to each person, not a stranger
every time a shift changes. Family history is very important from child
birth to the present age. It is more about the effects of the medications
and food from birth to present than anything. Preservatives, asthma
medications, dental drugs, vaccinations, dosages and adverse reactions,
combination of various prescribed drugs, new drugs versus old drugs. The old
meprobamate drug was addictive to some I understand, but did not cause the
problems we have today. One thing I have realized is that you cannot mix a
new tranquilizer with an old drug like lorazepam and stellazine and asthma
drugs or you can cause a psychotic episode. The mixture of various drugs,
including the ingredients used to bind the drug, make a difference in some
people. The hypersensitivity varies according to the same drug manufactured
by another company. As a result, the dosages vary. Using low dosages of a
drug is better that starting high and working backwards. It prevents brain

The ignorance in the hospital staff is really sad when treating
someone in mental health. Only specialized individuals should be allowed to
work in that area and constant evaluations of the staff should be done to
make sure the mentally ill are not being mistreated. When mistakes and
brutality occur, the hospital covers it up and it continues on. Hope my info
was helpful. My son was a great guy who was loved by all. He developed a
full-blown chemical imbalance from an overdosage of carbocaine with
ephinephrine during oral surgery while removing 4 wisdom teeth that had the
roots wrapped around the bone. They did not put him asleep. It was supposed
to have taken 3 minutes and it took 19 minutes with additional carbocaine

Of course, a coverup resulted and it was 10 years later that the oral
surgeon got caught in an international scheme. If I live long enough, I hope
to document some facts about each of the drugs and the adverse reactions,
some harmful and some not so harmful. Yes, in the majority of cases, I am a
firm believer that we make our own criminals and then prosecute them for the
wrong. Losses of loved ones occur in many ways and not just through death.
In time, it appears all families will have a loved one with a chemical
imbalance and then maybe our global world will think differently and want to
understand what is wrong, stop the blame, and find the solution. Many lives
are in a mental state who have no life, no future, are ridiculed and the
lonely survivors that no one cares about.

They are referred to as the insane
and are not harmful to anyone, yet they live in their own mind world because
the meds don't work well for them. The stigma of mental illness can only be
eliminated through the education of all people. There are no barriers to
mental illness or chemical imbalances, it can happen to anyone.

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