Chronic Fatique

I read your article on how you cured chronic fatigue and am very excited. I
have a lot of brain fog and cognitive loss so i was pretty overwhelmed but
i wil print it and read it a few times. I nearly died 3 years ago from 13
or 14 medications and the trauma and the stress from a tragic year after
that caused chronic fatigue and blew out my immune system. I have Hep C,
EBV and Herpes with Candida. Now CFS. I have used natural remedies for 2
years and my body began to function better in after a year and my suicidal
depression gave way for a few months but I am getting sick again and was
considering meds again until I read your article. My nutritionist wants to
start T3 and I hate the idea of going back to meds after they nearly killed
me but I'm getting depressed again. I have a hard time understanding things
and need some help. Would you be willing to correspond with me as I try
some of the things you did? Thanks for the inspiration!

Rev. Kit Kaplan

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Bob Mantz

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