Success with Gerson Therapy for HSV?

Please see below the following statement, taken off your website. Do you know
someone that had success with the Gerson Therapy for HSV? Ii am asking this
because I've contacted the disease and try to get rid of it hopefully.

I really appreciate your answer.
Thank you,
PS: Please see the text below in regards to my question....
"Herpes, or fever sores, have been around for a long time. Genital herpes,
on the other hand, is a relatively new sexually transmitted disease (STD).
Before the advent of AIDS, it was one of the more serious genitally
transmitted diseases and caused much distress in young people. It, too,
defies treatment Herpes simplex is described as an acute viral infection;
while genital herpes is known to be caused by Herpes Virus 2. This, too, is
clearly an immune deficiency disease and has been overcome by the Gerson

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