Innovation in Advanced Nursing Research


I am a contributing author to an online nursing education portal that is
focused on providing authoritative information for those interested in the
profession. I came across your site and it really got me thinking; I would
love to contribute an article to your blog. Specifically, I am interested in
expanding on the importance of informatics-based research in the nursing

Too often do people think of nursing as a patient-oriented field. While this
is certainly an element to the niche, many individuals seem to discredit or
forget about the intense academic research happening in the sphere. I think
it would of value to discuss advances in nursing research, both from a
mathematical and a scientific perspective, and to demonstrate how these
advances continue to pave innovation in the nursing profession.

Our resources have been referenced by many universities, including the
nursing departments of Boise State University and the College of San Mateo. I
look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah W.

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