Help for Autistic child with eating issues

Dear Dr Hoffer,

I was very much inspired by your youtube video. My 5.5 year old autistic
child has eating issues and I am aware that he is not getting the right
amount of vitamins and minerals. He has been on a casein free diet for more
than 3 years now, we excluded gluten about 1 year ago and excluded starches
for about 6 months. While we have definitely seen improvements in his
condition, we are still very much concerned about his food intake (he only
eats bananas and gluten free snacks) and how it affects his condition. We
have been trying to speak to medical professionals and run some tests but
these were not much of a help. I was wondering if you would be willing to
look into our case at all. We live in UK.

Many thanks
Nodira Ma.

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