Natural treatment for bipolar and adhd?


I have been suffering from bipolar and adhd for years! I went to a
psychristrist and they put me on medicine and now I stopped and I doing bad!
My father is this way and his other son and a few others on his side of the
family. This is definately genetic! Do you think it is best I continue with
my doctor and the treatment, because I do benefit from the medicine. The
medicine is mild with on side effect, which is trileptal! I plan on going
back to school and I am very intelligent with a high IQ, I can't just seem to
function without medication. It got so bad one time that I wanted to kill
myself. When I take my medicine it's like I am a genius! Please advise,
because I take this personal but not asking for medical advis, because I
wanted to go back to school and have a normal life. Please advise!

Michael H.

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