Need additional info on antidepressant video

In your undated article titled:
"Antidepressants Cause Suicide and Violence"
You state that Antidepressants were found in Wayne Morrison's jeep (Platte
Canyon High School Shooting)

Sorry about that - the link is

According to the FBI report there were "traces" of opiates in his urine but nothing in the blood. As I am sure you are aware; when people stop taking some of these drugs is when they fall off the cliff.
I would like to know exactly what drugs were found and if he was under psych. "care". I have asked the county coroner about this but he is mute. I have also communicated some of my concerns to a District judge with whom I have somewhat of a relationship but not a lot of help there.
I do have a vested interest in this particular case - I drove one of the ambulances to that scene and my partner was also on one of the first ambulances to respond to the Columbine shooting.
(Antidepressants were involved in the Columbine shooting)
Two of my coworkers, who went onto the scene, suffered extreme emotional problems.

The real criminals are the ones pushing the drugs - They wear suits and ties. They need to change into something more appropriate - pink jump suits for instance!

This is important: Can you prove that?

D. Reese

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