Bipolar: the silence within

I feel so much more "normal" after reading this one Web page! I was
diagnosed bipolar 1 with ptsd a few Weeks ago after walking out on my 15th
job. I have had many manic, depressed and mixed episodes in my lifetime,
usually resulting in very poor decisions that caused irreversible damage,
hence the ptsd. I never knew I had an illness. I just thought I was always at
the Wong/right place, at the wrong/right time, with the wrong/right people.
Im also an Aries, and even better my Chinese zodiac is the lucky rabbit, both
played perfectly to my "illness". I feel victim to the world and being
normal, and now I'm being started on life threatening medications so I can
fit in, but truly, I know too much, and the way I perceive things can't be
changed. At least id hope so. Its only been a week and I'm so afraid I will
be a zombie, lifeless. Though I'm not much more now...
The sun comes up
My mind winds down
The birds start singing
I'll relax to the sound


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