herbal remedy for anxiety

You say anxiety drugs don't work based on one or two slim studies
while there are many studies that show they can be effective. You say don't
take pharmas. but then hock your "herbal" remedies as if they are the answer.
I am so disappointed. As the mother of a teenager diagnosed with a nearly
debilitating anxiety disorder (since age 11), I assure you that NOTHING
works. That is nothing works by itself, including every herbal remedy
available. The complexities that go into this disorder are not undone by
your herbs any more than they are undone with Xanax, Zoloft, etc. Also, just
talking about it with a psychologist does not work either. It takes a
combination of therapies. You are telling people that certain drugs don't
work when it may well be the very thing that lessens the anxiety and makes it
possible for them to take part in other therapies. Its just plain

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