Access to bipolar or waking up video?

Dear Sean:
I have watched your video "Am I bipoler or waking up?" Now for some reason
have lost it.
How do I access it?
I am eighty .My son Christian is 54. He was diagnosed Bipoler about 10 years
He's caught in the "revolving" door. One pharmaceutical after another. The
medical system will not listen to me.
They are an open affront to my sense of what is correct.
I am a Primal Therapist. Studied with Art Janov in LA, Dr Verny in Toronto
and Dr. Levinson in Victoria.
About 6 years of work on myself. I know there are answers other than
My late husband died of alcohol at 39 in T.O. Worked on the Entertainment
section of the Toronto Star. Maclean's CBC, NFB. etc.
Together we co-founded the first CAnadian Theatre in Toronto in '58.
Christian was 10 when his father died. He is an artist. Has had several shows
in Toronto and then down the west coast to California. Clem Greenberg( New
York art critic & mentor to Jackson Pollock) picked him up and published a
piece of his work in CORNING Magazine.
Presently Christian is living in Duncan BC (5 minutes away from the house
here) ina Duncan Mental Health facility called WISTERIA House.
No therapy. Only Pharmaceuticals. Seroquel in the AM & Lithium at night.
He sleeps alot.
EARTH HOUSE outside New York is available to him if I can get their
He might have to be there for a year because they chelate the drugs out of
his system first.... then therapy one-on-one & group, Yoga, Tai Chi, etc etc.
If you have any better answers for him please contact me. I am here,
present and at my post.

Thank you for that wonderful Utube message. It's been very heartening to hear
your story.
Joan Ferry
PS You may google my name. I am the first name at the top of the menu.

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