Schizophrenia: Natural Treatment Without Drugs


Welcome to another segment of questions and answers. This is where you get to ask questions and I don’t answer them. Steven has a very serious concern. He writes, “I would like to know more about Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer and Pfeiffer’s Law, "For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect."

Did Dr. Pfeiffer really work on the MK-ULTRA experiments? One person posted this on your channel: In the 1970s, it was revealed that between 1955 and 1964, Pfeiffer had conducted experiments in mind and behaviour control under Project MK-ULTRA for the Central Intelligence Agency. Supposedly with the "full, informed consent" of the subjects (debated), he administered the drug LSD to prisoners in Atlanta and Bordentown, N.J., under a program financed indirectly by the C.I.A.

MK-ULTRA? Is that a new perfume? LSD and the CIA? Trish! Marina!

No, Chayene, MK Ultra is story. A fascinating story, full of dark mysterias and horrible secrets. In fact, it would make a good Hollywood movie.

Hey, that’s an idea! I’ll write a script based on this story, sell it to a big movie company – and be rich!
Project MKULTRA was a covert, illegal CIA human research program, run by the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence from early 1950s. The aim of the project was mind control.

Project used many ways to manipulate people’s minds - the administration of drugs such as LSD and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and even sexual abuse…
Wow, and we thought Nazis were the only bad guys!

Anyhow… Public learned about project MKULTRA in 1975. U.S. Congress Commissions began the investgation.

However, the CIA Director saw a few steps ahead of the others and ordered all MKULTRA files destroyed 2 years prior to the investigation. But in 1977 about 20,000 documents relating to MKULTRA were discovered, and that led to the Senate Hearings later same year.

In recent times most information regarding MKULTRA has been officially declassified. So, is the MK-Ultra story over then? The CIA insists that MKULTRA-type experiments have been abandoned. Whether it’s true or the CIA mind control research continues – we have no way of knowing.

As for Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, his official biographies are silent on the fact of his participation in the MK-Ultra. Well, sure, this is not exactly the kind of episode of your biography that you broadcast oh so proudly. Pfeiffer bios usually say that he was a bright physician, respected biochemist and an internationally known pharmacologist who researched schizophrenia, made major contributions to the understanding of trace element and mineral metabolism in the schizophrenias, and discussed amino acids in medicine. And all that is true.

What is also true is that Pfeiffer was one of the few doctors with top security clearance who worked on MK-Ultra project. MK-SEARCH, a subproject MK-Ultra, gave 20 to 25 grand a year to Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer's CIA connection went back to 1951, when he headed the Pharmacology Department at the University of Illinois Medical School. He then moved to Emory University and tested LSD and other drugs on inmates of the Federal penitentiary in Atlanta. From there, he moved to New Jersey, where he continued drug experiments on the prisoners at the Bordentown reformatory.
Pfeiffer was also an intelligence source for the CIA because in the 60s he sat on the Food and Drug Administration committee that allocated LSD for scientific research in the United States, and thus was a useful connection for the CIA making sure that the Agency’s interests are considered.

So, there, that is the piece of the biography of internationally known pharmacologist Dr. Pfeiffer that is usually omitted from publications.


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