Vitamin D video link?

I am contacting you because 2 months ago I uploaded a video on youtube about
vitamin D that is very similar in flavor to your "Vitamin D: The Sunshine
Vitamin" video. The link to my video is here:

Our videos overlap so much, that I would like to link them together to
reinforce the message, and was wondering if you would be interested in making
your vitamin D video a video response to mine.

I cannot submit my video to yours, as I placed it as a video response
elsewhere when I uploaded it in June. (Only one video response is allowed per
uploaded video).

Anyway, this is just an idea I wanted to suggest.
If you were to do this, then whenever anyone watches my video, they will see
yours prominently displayed beneath it.
I think it would be a nice idea, but I am, of course, relaxed either way.

Thanks for reading.
Wishing you well,

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