PMS escape

Hello to anyone that can help me find this product. I am now 55 years old,
and don't have pms anymore. When I was younger it was awful, I (and anyone
else within a 50 mile radius of me) suffered with PMS. The cramps, backache
and all the physical pains were bad enough, but the moods and not being able
to think clearly took over my life for that week or 2. I would describe the
pms nightmare as this. It's like trying to see clearly through a thick
screen. I knew there were some other over the counter pills you could buy but
they all said "may cause drowsiness" that was already a big problem among
others at that time of the month. Then I stumbled upon the AMAZING product
PMS escape. I was able to buy it in OSCO (now rite aid) It was unreal how
this herbal drink took that screen away from my brain and let me see
clearly. I then even saw it on one of the morning talk shows as one product
that worked. ( I already knew that!!) Then it was off the shelves, couldn't
find it anywhere until a few years later I saw it pop up on another talk show
as the one product that worked. I went to the store and totally stalked up on
it. Now I can't find it anywhere again, I have 2 teenage daughters that would
really benefit from this drink as well as some girls I work with. I told them
that I'd hunt this product down, if ;you know of anywhere I can purchase, it
would be more then appreciated. The only thing I didn't like about PMS escape
is that it wasn't around in my teen years. I swear that this even took away
the crippling fatigue. I was then and still am a waitress, I would drink the
........ was it raspberry lime? and within 15 minutes normal would take over
my body. P,LEASE, PLEASE PLEASE help me find this product again;. I've
looked in the stores and nothing. I don't want my daughters to suffer like I
did with pms. I've told so many people about pms escape and can't find it
anywhere. Wow, I sound like an infomercial on my own time. lol This is best
product ever, where can I find it again. Thank you sooooo much to whoever had
to read this. (I'm sure by now you want to go home to the wife and kids, )
please help me find this product again. Thank you............. Marlene R
Merrill. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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