long term violation by entities and human spirits?

I hope you may be able to help myself and Jodi my daughter as Our lives have
become more of an existance and trying to survive .We experienc immense pain
,fatigue and have been like prisoners in a house that I was coerced into
moving to .Jodi has trouble breathing much of the time and hardly
sleeps.Healers have been unable to clear all this but I never give up hope of
finding the help we need.It feels as our bodies are not are own and have
bruises, scratches and itchy rashes .Are you able to work with our situation
remotely (we are in the uk) ? and could you let me know how much you charge
as we have been existing on a very low income for many years and very
isolated.Thank you for reading this ,warm wishes Heather

Heather and Jodi

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