Information on organic sulfur study?

Dr.Joe Mercola announced this is Mercury Awareness Week and

save for your blog not a word save for the amalgams removal

folks. Personal opinion get the mercury out then consider letting

a dentist in your mouth. Brushing one’s teeth and gums with a soft

bristle tooth brush with Organic Sulfur “works,” especially when

sulfur is returned to our diet.

Sulfur a crystal food when added to our diet combines with mercury

and 145 other compounds which are eliminated into the toilet.

Mercury in dental amalgams is eliminated as mercuric sulfate.

Mercury in any form combines with sulfur to form bio chemical

reaction as it does with all of other the trash of man; aluminum,

lead, even radioactive elements, if the sulfur is bio available.

Eight families of vaccine damaged children and 49 seniors who

are no longer lost in their own minds, they are back!
Two of the seniors (80s) “have left the building, left the ‘Home’”

The same mercury caused chemical disconnect across the blood

brain barrier, the amyloid plaque of 1992 Noble Prize recipient

Rudy Tanzi MD, is being addressed by returning sulfur back into

our diet.

Eight children no longer severely Autistic, no eye contact, no

communication are now making eye contact and speaking

again or for the first time. Ian’s Grandfather called our Hawaiian

Study Director Hesh Goldstein in Hawaii and asked, “Now how do

we get him to shut up,” a joke, Gramps finally did something right,

and he has his grand son back.

Over the years people with toxic levels of mercury with or without

amalgams are reporting no mercury detectible. It’s biology.

How it got there is criminal but our concern is for biology of those

effected, there is always time to hang the offenders if you are


If I may suggest an article which says nothing regarding our clinical

work but it does mention the compounding nature of sulfur to

combine +6 or -2 with the other electrons in the outer rings of other

elements, 146 different way to get toxins out of the body.

The left brain being able to communicate with the right brain is not

only a “lost in one’s own mind” deal, all the stupidity displayed by our

elected leaders could be the result of a sulfur deficiency.

Time has come to tell everyone, even Pat, so that others can realize

mental clarity, hear the lies of government and realize we spend the

money GE is about to become a non entity if they do nothing about

the radioactive Vesuvius “Pinto” they created at Fukushima.

Sulfur can protect and repair the damage of radiation exposure, yet

on this beginning of Mercury Awareness Week, what about the

Cesium, Uranium, Plutonium, Strontium, etc which GE thinks is good

business killing their customers. There are things “they” should tell

us and they have dropped the ball on Fukushima.

Dump Boron to block the neutrons? why not sulfate the whole

abandoned nuclear “accident?” Accident my robust back side.

Organic Sulfur can address all of the modern diseases of man,

Linus Pauling. Pat even the disease of disbelief and despair, yes

even the depression of fear.

Mr. Sullivan, never fear, we win. Biology will trump greed because

we spend the money. The love of money is a bad thing when it

harms our children and our parents. We win, big time. Help us.

Patrick McGean


Cellular Matrix Study

Body Human Project est. 1999


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