Help with daughter's schizophrenia

My Daughter has recently been diagnosed with Schizophrenia.
She is 31 and she has been in hospital 3 times now.She has also suffered for
several years with depression,it runs in my side of the family.I worry so
much about the drugs she is taking and i would love it if she could get off
them,as she would herself,because she hates any sort of drugs and has never
tried recreational drugs either,she wont even take panadol for a headach.The
doctor said if she does not take her medication this time she will be forced
to have injections.I have done alot of researce to try and help her but i
dont know what to do.We cannot afford to see private doctors. You sound like
a really careing doctor,i wish there were more like you out there.One of your
videos on youtube talked about niacin curing Schizophrenia.Please can you
advise me what to do to help her,so she does not need to take any more of the
medication she is on,and how to go about it.By the way i live in Australia.
Regards Ros.

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