Questions about schizophrenia

I'm a skitzophranic on gedone
Hi I'm a 25 year old schizophrenic patient. I've been diagnosed as paranoid
schizophrenia with psychotic features. I'm currently on 120 mg of geodone. I
don't like the shakiness nor the sexual side affects of the medicine. I'm
'hoping' with the proper amounts of vitamins, and a more healthy diet I can
stop taking geodone or lower my dosage. I'm currently seeing a psychiatrist
in superior, Wisconsin. I've seen a few health journals on line regarding
taking amounts of niacin vitamin c b multivitamin zinc b6 manganese omega 3's
selenium and dolitamale. I was over weight about 3 years ago weighing almost
295. I've been eating healthier I've been exercising and I'm down to 210.
What would you recommend I do to make a goal of lowering my dosage of geodne?

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