Natural herbal help for chronic stomach/digestive problem?

I have an ongoing stomacj/intestine problem (for about 3 years now).
I found your webpage 'CHRONIC DIGESTIVE DISORDERS' very interesting.
I hope this is the right place to seek some (further) advice on my present
chronic condition, so here goes.

Several of the symptoms described on that webpage fit with what I have.
I have a constant feeling of 'fullness' all the time (24 hrs a day).
There is persistent pain at (or near) the 'top' arrea of the stomach (the
upper curver) just under the rib cage;

there is a 'burning' sensation through the large intestine (for several
hours) after eating certain foods like meat,
some types of raw fruit juice, breads, and especially fried/high-fat foods of
any kind (these are the worst).

I sleep poorly (for years now), cannot remain focussed (because of this
stomach/intestine problem),
and never have any energy - always lethargic.

I have just finished 3 different courses of TCM (over 6 weeks), with some
temporary in relief sometimes but none had Isatis as a component. Three
gastrocopies have indicated diverticulitis is present. I have also had 2
courses of antibiotics for ulcers (Helicobacter pylori) which cleared up 12
months back.

My diet has generally (but with ocassional lapses) excluded red (& most
white) meats, coffee, black tea, sugars, breads, cakes, and most acid foods
now for about 2 years. However, these chronic stomach/intestine problems
have not eased at all.

Copious amounts of (good quality) green tea (alkaline) for the last 18 months
has not helped. Ginger does not help.

Lately I've been trying mandarin/tangerine peel (as per TCM mixes) which does
nothing much either way.

Atractylodes root (Bai zhu) seems to have a very temporary calming effect but
I haven't been using it for very long

(I understand that this is similar in action to StMarys Thistle of western
herbal medicine, which is also in the same plant family, Asteraceae
(Compositaceae)) and which is used as a liver tonic.

Consultations with both eastern and western medicine indicate that the liver
and probably gall bladder are also involved, although most of the chronic
pain is on the left side (spleen apparently not so problematic ?).

The Chinese (Beijing) TCM practitioner tells me that there is a "stagnation"
problem with 'Qi' across the liver meridian, going from just under the rib
cage centre over to the left side (matches their acupuncture charts), so
there is some kind of 'flow' problem happening there for the last 3 years,
but it continues down the intestine with 'burning' as well.

The sections on your webpage referring to success with 'Isatic Colling' were
especially interesting as several of my symptoms (as above) match. Of course,
as I am no doctor, I can only 'guess' what is happening: from the description
on your webpage it could be a form of Crohns Diseas.

I am 52 years, single, have not smoked, do not drink alchohol (beer, wine,-
anything) and I don't work in a 'high-stress' job; however, I tend to
sometimes become 'anxious' about how things go, but I doubt very much this is
the problem.

About 4 years back I had a small 'belly button' hernia operation, after which
there were no complications; the specialist who operated recommended an
increase of fibre in the diet (and that was all). Until recently, flaxseed
(ground) and Chia seed (soaked) have been regular foods (fibre + antioxidants
+ omega 3/6/9), but I have stopped these now.

The feeling of 'fullness' never leaves and I have had to resort to particular
fruits (nashi, mandarin), small amounts of tofu+veges, and a single cup of
cocoa (no sugar) per day.

After the 3rd herbal mix course (finished 4 days ago) (Cuttlefixh,
Atractylodes, Liqorice, Tangerine peel,... up to 12 ingredients, boiled).
However, none of the 3 mixes had Isatis I believe.
I am not sure where to go next with all this.
Would you be able to offer any suggestions ?
With thanks again for a really helpful website,

best regards,

mark S.

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