1000 mgs of seroqeul for severe insomnia?

I am desperate to get off 1000mgs of seroquel and ambien every night for
sleep. used to be thin and very athletic before my insomnia hell. ( drugged
for 13 yrs!) now I have gained over 100 pounds and went through breast
cancer. I will order and read the books but I want help now! I want to have
the proper testing as soon as possible, and the right supplements and diet.
My Dr. never told me I was bipolar until I was on seroquel for almost 10
years! I asked if I needed to see an endocronologist to test my night time
cortisol since I'm so hyper awake at night ( with out my meds) and little
hyper surges through the day and he said no. I've tried everything including
therapy and natural medicine. I hope you can help.
Thanks a bunch!

Sarah J.

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