Organic Green Kamut Wheat Grass Juice


Organic Green Kamut
Wheat Grass Juice
One of the most pure, potent and complete natural food sources that exist.

Provides a potent supply of enzymes and chlorophyll, (probably the most important elements to life on Earth and very much lacking in most diets) along with a good dose of vitamins, minerals and proteins, and likely many other elements and factors (part of natural plant food) that "Man" hasn't discovered yet - direct from Nature as an interwoven synergistic tapestry (unlike the many man-made and processed supplements).

Is a strong Alkaline forming food which assists the body's essential life regulating pH balance.
Stimulates the body's natural cleansing and detoxifying processes - beginning at the cell level, providing significant protection against cancer and every disease and illness that exists.

The enzymes improve digestion and activate cell activity in all areas of the body - contributing greatly to cell and tissue growth. Its enzymes are identical to the most important enzymes manufactured by the body. Since every reaction in the body is triggered by an enzyme, those which are taken in by the body as food, supplant the need of the body to manufacture its own - reducing stress and the depletion of the body's potential or store of enzymes. Some enzymes are responsible for enhancing the digestive function, others are free radical scavengers providing an anti-carcinogenic effect on the body.

A good source of chlorophyll - the most heath supporting green food phytochemical. It is the planet's oxygen producer; the lifeblood of the plant kingdom. It's molecular structure is very similar to that of hemoglobin, the protein which makes human blood red. There are perhaps no two more vital elements working in tandem to benefit the human body. Chlorophyll is responsible for the release of oxygen. Hemoglobin captures the oxygen in the lungs and delivers it to the cells. Chlorophyll is also known to have enormous benefits as a cleansing, detoxifying and healing substance. The list of infections, lesions, inflammations "cured" by chlorophyll have been chronicled in medical journals for years.

The product's power as a living food unlocks the body's natural energies -- a catalyst which acts to initiate greater chemical reactions. Many important physiological actions cannot take place without this catalytic initiation and humans can not be healthy without the foods that key these chemical reactions.

Provides protein completing factors, all of the eight essential amino acids, as well as a number of free form proteins which are reconfigured and used by the body to create lean connective tissue and enhance reproductive functions.
Kamut (Organic) is generally regarded as a grain that is the purest and therefore, least allergy-inducing wheat on the market. Kamut is a strain of wheat which was brought to the United States as a non-hybrid seed. It has remained non-hybrid (not changed or tainted by "man") which is the reason for its exceptionally high nutritional value.

One company (Purium Health Products, link below) harvests the young organic plants and derives the powder extract from nutrient-rich juice in a proprietary way (less than 88 degF) which is much less expensive and far superior to other processes currently in use. No fillers, binders or anything whatsoever is added nor taken away - it is brought straight from the plant (from Nature) to you. For around 20 - 50 cents per serving it is probably more nutrition and value for the money than any other food or supplement (or anything else on the earth, for that matter).

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