Anyone want to share a good natural toothpaste brand?

Some of the fluoride videos have got me thinking.

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There is more to a tube of toothpaste than its benefits (tarter control, whitening, complete formula, etc.) and its flavor. Go to your local mass merchandiser, and peruse the toothpaste packages. In addition to some familiar but controversial ingredients — fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate (the stuff that makes the paste turn foamy) — you'll find seven main components in conventional mass-market toothpastes: detergents, abrasives, moisturizers, sweeteners, dyes, preservatives and anti-plaque substances. Most usually come with long chemical names. By contrast, natural toothpastes offer consumers products that are free of the ingredients found in their more mainstream counterparts. For why these ingredients make some people uneasy, turn the page. For some smart natural toothpaste options, start below.

Awarded the 2004 Best Taste Award by the American Culinary Institute, JASON'S HEALTHY MOUTH TEA TREE TOOTHPASTE offers a refreshing change from sticky-sweet formulas. Its mouth-tingling blend of certified organic tea tree oil, aloe vera, clove and cinnamon helps fight bacteria and soothes irritated gums. Antibacterial grapefruit seed extract (known to control gingivitis) and perilla seed extract help inhibit the bacteria that can cause plaque and tooth decay. Bamboo powder, silica and calcium carbonate powder reduce stains and whiten teeth without harsh abrasives. This completely natural paste contains no lauryl sulfates or alcohol.

DOCTOR BURT'S CINNA MINT TOOTHPASTE is free of artificial colors, flavors, binders and sodium lauryl sulfate. Calcium carbonate and bentonite clay gently scrub and polish teeth, while parsley and chlorophyll add to the fresh minty taste. Because its gentle cleanser (yucca schidigera) is bolstered by a natural foaming agent, this product is an excellent alternative for people looking for toothpastes that are free of sodium lauryl sulfate.

BOIRON HOMEODENT NATURAL TOOTHPASTE is intended for people taking homeopathic medicines; the anise-flavored paste will clean teeth without conflicting with existing treatment. The formula is based on multiple plant extracts including calendula (supports wound healing); Plantago major (helps heal wounds, ease bleeding, expel phlegm and relieve cough); Cochlearia armoracia or horseradish (soothes irritated nerves); and Hamamelis virginiana or witch hazel (treats cold sores). Cleaning power is boosted with calcium carbonate and xylitol, a naturally occurring sweetener that in some research has been shown to reduce tooth decay by up to 80 percent, as well as help stop and possibly reverse the demineralization of teeth.

Developed by European dentists, WELEDA's SALT TOOTHPASTE uses sodium bicarbonate to remove plaque and tartar. Its distinct sea salt formulation increases saliva, which helps dilute and wash away harmful bacteria. Additional ingredients include Commiphora myrrha — an aid in preventing gingivitis — and horse chestnut, an anti-inflammatory. This toothpaste is free from synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives.

NATURE'S ANSWER'S PERIOBRITE COOL MINT toothpaste blends lysine (an amino acid that helps clear up cold sores) with herbs, essential oils and extract of Phytoplenolm, made from a herb native to Australia and commonly used by Aborigines to treat burns, wounds, skin infections and colds. This all-vegetarian, fluoride-free, low-abrasive toothpaste naturally cleans and whitens teeth without using alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, solvents, artificial sweeteners or dyes.

fluoride or no fluoride

There has been a long-running debate between the American Dental Association and anti-fluoride activists about whether fluoride should be routinely added to toothpastes and to the water supply. In industrial-sized quantities, fluoride is a toxic pollutant. And excessive use of fluoride in small children has been shown to discolor teeth, often permanently To prevent this, the American Academy of Pediatrics, in the May 1995 issue of Pediatrics, suggested infants not be exposed to fluoride. But mainstream dental experts believe fluoride's anti-cavity effects far outweigh its risks; however, many holistic dentists disagree and support natural treatments.

foaming action

"Sodium lauryl sulfate is predominantly used as a foaming agent in shampoos and mass-market toothpastes," says Gary Verigin, DDS, a member of the Holistic Dental Association in Escalon, California. But sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a skin irritant. Agents in SLS are strong enough to break down engine grease, not to mention oils in the skin. If this occurs, the skin-drying effect can lead to irritation and make the skin susceptible to toxins from the environment. In laboratory tests of SLS, most skin irritations have been recorded at 0.5 percent concentrations — 1/60th of the amount found in most mass-market hand soaps.

Ingesting sodium lauryl sulfate, an active ingredient in popular toothpastes, has been linked to a range of health problems, including eye infections and hormone imbalances. While people spit out foamy toothpaste residue, sodium lauryl sulfate can penetrate the mouth's mucosal lining — which has as much as a 90 percent absorption rate — and seep into blood vessels.

sugary sweet

Ironically, most mass-market toothpastes contain sugars, which are added for flavor but contribute to cavities. Most natural toothpastes get their fresh taste from plant extracts — such as parsley, cinnamon oil, mint and xylitol — which are healthier alternatives.

Ready to switch? The five formulas here will leave your mouth feeling teeth-licking clean.

by Janet Franciso

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Druide Certified Organic Toothpaste

Treat your 'pearly whites' to Druide's certified organic toothpaste.

No artificial ingredients (flavour, colour, sweetener, antibacterial agent), sulfate, fluoride or sugar.

A cruelty-free product that is 100% vegan. Rich in bamboo silica for whitening action and healthier gums.


Banana (for Kids)
Size: 120 ml


Riddells Creek Organic Toothpaste - Mint

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Riddells Creek Organic Toothpaste is sulphate free, floride free, and mineral oils free.

Ingredients include: Certified Organic Botanical Extract Blend of Sage, Thyme, Parsley, Celtic Sea Salt, Stevia, Grapefruit Extract, Spearmint Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, Rosemary Extract, Organic Coconut Extract, Australian Bush Extract of Biodynamic Tea Tree Essential Oil, Organic Acacia. $.9.99


Newco's Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil and Aerobic Oxygen fight germs while Baking Soda and Calcium Carbonate provide a gentle non-abrasive cleanse. Organic Kelp is a source of vitamins & minerals and all of our toothpastes are now naturally sweetened with Stevia. Adult flavors include: Cinnamon, Fennel, Kiwi-Lime, Peppermint, Pina Colada & Spearmint. Newco also offers a great tasting line of children's flavors including; Banana, Bubblegum, Orange Cream & Watermelon.

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