Is chocaloate healthy or unhealthy for you?

There are many opinions out there that point either way. I know it boosts serotonin levels.

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Dark, organic chocolate.

Do you like chocolate or know someone who does?

If the answer is ‘yes’, please keep reading, especially if you have stayed away from chocolate because of health concerns or feel guilty for giving in to your cravings. May this information make your heart sing as much as it delights mine... This is interesting even for people with milk allergies, diabetics, vegetarians or vegans.

Please let me share with you some of my excitement of the past couple of weeks. You see, as long as I can remember I have loved chocolate. When I started my studies of kinesiology and natural health, my attitude towards a lot of products, especially refined sugar, changed dramatically. Of course, sugar is a big part of chocolate so I have had somewhat of a yoyo journey with it ever since... loving it but staying away from it for a while, then eating it again but being unhappy with myself for doing so...

I made somewhat peace with my cravings for chocolate when I learned the Abraham teachings of "nothing is more important than that you feel good" and "your purpose in life is joy" and "life is supposed to be fun"... and yet, there was always that nagging little voice in the back of my head judging it a bit naughty but nice...

This all changed completely about two weeks ago when I was introduced by a friend to "healthy chocolate". You may wonder if that is an oxymoron, healthy and chocolate???? Let me assure you, it’s for real!

I’d be happy to share some more in-depth details with you (please contact me) but just for a start:

How would you like chocolate

that you can eat completely guilt-free...
that is not only good for you but healing as well...
that has helped people regulate their blood pressure, influence their cholesterol, stabilize their blood sugar, get a hold on their cravings for junk food, even lose weight....
that tastes divine at the same time!
What really convinced me was a look at the ORAC chart. The ORAC test-Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity-measures the antioxidant capability of different foods; the higher the number, the more dangerous free radicals can be ‘absorbed’ or neutralized. For example, it has been in the news a lot that blueberries are high in antioxidants, measuring 2,400 ORAC.

However, unprocessed cocoa powder came in at 26,000 ORAC!!! It is the food with the highest antioxidant value, containing four times the antioxidants of green tea.

Furthermore, the Brazilian Açai Berry from the Amazon jungle tested at 18,500 on the ORAC scale!!! As the second highest antioxidant food it is 14 times more potent than raw spinach and ten times more than red wine, a real superfood.

Now you combine those two ingredients together with blueberry powder and you have Xoçai Healthy Chocolate!

One small nugget provides 3,120 ORAC, the same value that ½ pound of spinach would give you or 1 ½ pounds kidney beans or 1+ pounds cherries or 3/4 pound broccoli...

A whole bar of dark chocolate (3.5 ounces/100g) measures 13,000 ORAC but with it we would also get the refined sugars, mostly unhealthy fats and other artificial ingredients. In comparison, eating only one small 6g square of Xoçai Healthy Chocolate provides the value of 3,582 ORAC-and no disadvantageous ingredients. The company even put the ORAC score on the wrapping of each individual serving!

For more eye-opening comparison: you’d need to eat 7 pounds of raw spinach or 13 pounds of red grapes or 51.5 pounds of tomatoes to get the antioxidant benefit of 1 cup of Xoçai Healthy Chocolate.

Can you see why I am so excited?! Here is a healthy healing chocolate treat!

Typically, most health benefits in chocolate candy bars are lost during the manufacturing process. In contrast, the Xoçai™ patented-method of cold processing preserves antioxidant and nutrient value of raw cocoa during the manufacturing process. For further benefits, Xoçai Healthy Chocolate

Has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
Has not been alkalized.
Has been dried and cool-pressed rather than roasted.
Consists of at least 70 percent pure cocoa.
Contains cocoa butter instead of milk fats or hydrogenated oils.
Contains natural, low-glycemic sweeteners—such as raw cane juice crystals—rather than refined sugar.
Is extremely low in caffeine.
As mentioned before, I’d be more than happy to share further details with you. In the meantime, you can go to "My Web Links" allow you to access extensive material via the ‘Media Centre’. In addition, ‘Dr Chocolate’ provides a long list of fascinating testimonials plus plenty of resources.

Enjoy the information and feel free to call me to order your own samples of this delightfully delicious melt-in-your-mouth chocolate

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