Whiplash injury

On Sept. 6th 2009, I received a whiplash injury which has changed my life
tremendously. I am a letter carrier for Canada Post and have completed 2
Ironmans plus done several road races, a few marathons, X-country ski
races, ridden my bike to and from Penticton to Vancouver, and ridden my
bike from Edmonton to Montreal in 2002. There are many other activities and
I wanted to paint you a picture of a very active young woman. It has been
recommended that by an ENT specialist in Vancouver that I stay off of the
road riding my bike for fear that I lose my balance and am hit by a
vehicle. My complaints are: headaches, instability and nausea when the
headaches are real severe. I have experienced swelling and numbness in my
left cheek and temporary loss of hearing on occasion. On some days the
symptoms are severe and I do not know what triggers them. I have seen a
chiropractor who took his own X-rays and determined that my head and
C-spine were not in alignment and I have had IMS treatments as well as
adjustments by the chiropractor. On occasion I do experience a day or two
of relief and when this happens I have such joy in welcoming myself back to
me. Unfortunately they do not last and I am asking for your advice in
regards to future therapy or treatments. I do know that I am able to
recover as I have had those few days to focus on so my question to you
is... Where do I go now? I have been given information on prolotherapy.
What is your advice on this and do you know of a qualified practitioner
here in B.C.? Please help me. They are hosting the Granfondo in Penticton
and even though I may not do it this year I have hopes of competing soon.I
have not returned to work as of yet and I have been asked to return only
when I am fully capable. I thank you for your time and look
forward to your correspondence.

Iris E. :-)

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