One Man's Meat is Another Man's Poison


It is affirmed that 50 per cent of the bovine and other animals that are slaughtered for human food are affected with Tuberculosis, or some of the following diseases: Cancer, Anthrax, Pleuro-Pneumonia, Swine-Fever, Sheep Scab, Foot and Mouth Disease, etc., etc., and that to exclude all suspected or actually diseased carcasses would be practically to leave the market without a supply. One has only to read the literature dealing with this subject to be convinced that the meat-eating public must consume a large amount of highly poisonous substances. That these poisons may communicate disease to[Pg 16] the person eating them has been amply proved. Cooking does not necessarily destroy all germs, for the temperature at the interior of a large joint is below that necessary to destroy the bacilli there present. --RUPERT H. WHELDON, The Case for Veganism

Ancestral Diet

Melvin Page. D.D.S.

The diet that your ancestors ate over 200 years ago is the one that agrees with you best. In other words, your body can metabolize or use these foods most efficiently.

In the United States, most people are of mixed ancestry so it is often hard to classify people in a definite group. We can, however get some clues from your eye color. If you have blue, gray, or green eyes, your ancestors were from the northern and western parts of Europe. These people were hunters and fishermen. Therefore you can best metabolize a diet of meat, fish, eggs and vegetables. You will not do well on a lot of fruits, fruit juices, or grains. Many people of this ancestral stock find it very hard to digest whole wheat. Also eating one or two pieces of fruit a week is sufficient. You will get plenty of vitamin C from other sources.

If you have dark colored eyes, your ancestors were mostly from Central Europe and these people were mostly farmers. You can easily metabolize a diet that is higher in fruits and grains. Remember, however, to eat the whole fruit rather than drink the juices. Fruit juices alter the pH of your blood and cause changes in the calcium/phosphorous balance.

The diet that your ancestors ate over 200 years ago suits you best and helps to keep your body chemistry in balance.


One of the points about diet which seems to be difficult for most people to understand is why a person should not drink fruit juices when there is no restriction of the amount of fruit eaten. There is a very definite reason, and it is necessary to understand something about the workings of the body, in other words, the physiology of the body, to understand why this is true.

Normal blood is alkaline. It is measured on a pH scale which measures acidity and alkalinity. The normal pH is 7.4. On the pH scale 7 is neutral which means that the liquid being tested is neither acid or alkaline. But if the liquid has a greater pH than 7 it is alkaline, and if less than 7 it is acid. For instance: a pH of 4 is ten times as acid as a pH of 5, whereas a pH of 9 is ten times as alkaline as a pH of 8.

Citrus fruits, although acid when eaten, are changed to alkaline in the body as are certain other foods such as vegetables and most fruits; whereas meats, grains, and the one fruit prunes are changed to acid in the body. This pH of the blood of 7.4 is very essential to be maintained at that point. There are millions of chemical reactions going on in the body at all times, chemical reactions so wonderful and intricate that most of them man has not learned to do in the best equipped laboratories with electricity, heat and strong chemicals at his disposal. However, the body creates these chemical reactions at body temperature, and without the aid of these strong chemicals. It performs these miracles by means of catalysts and enzymes all of which are found in natural foods, or which the body itself makes for this purpose.

The correct pH of the blood is so essential that a slight rise in the pH has a tendency to interfere with these chemical reactions, particularly blood calcium retention. At 7.4 pH the calcium in the blood stays in solution, but at some point slightly above (when it is more alkaline) calcium begins to precipitate. It is believed that blood which is too alkaline is responsible for precipitation of calcium in the eye, producing cataracts, or in the kidneys producing what is known as kidney stones, or in the arteries producing arteriosclerosis, or in the joints producing spurs and deposits.

Some cancer researchers state that the blood’s pH of cancer patients is higher than normal, as high as 7.60. It is not that excess alkalinity causes cancer, rather the contrary. But it indicates that alkalosis favors the development of the tumor, and that the acidification of the blood may be an auxiliary in the treatment of cancer..

How does all of this come about? How do we maintain a pH of 7.4 in the body? The explanation is quite simple. .All animals have taste and appetite to tell the what foods to eat, when to eat, and when to stop eating. They also have a thirst center in the brain which is quite different from the hunger center. The thirst center is put there for man to tell him when to drink water, and when he has had enough of it. That is the only reason that the thirst center was put there, the same as for every other animal. But man is different from other animals in that he has fingers and an opposing thumb. With these fingers and thumbs he has learned to do things that no other animal can do. This facility with his fingers has given him great mechanical ability. He has learned to do things to his environment which sometimes makes it more suitable for his comfort and convenience. He has learned to do things to his food which sometimes improves the flavor.

On the other hand because he has never been fully aware of the harm that he can do with this ability, he very often produces things or alters foods in ways that are harmful to him. For instance: when he drinks orange juice he will take it when he shouldn’t have it, or he will take more than he should have. This is because his hunger center has been bypassed and his thirst center works on it as if it were water. As long as it tastes good and he is still thirsty, he will drink the juice given the opportunity. Whereas if he ate the fruit, his hunger center would tell him when to eat it, how much of it to eat , and when to stop before he changed the pH of his blood in a detrimental manner.

Melvin E. Page, DDS, (1894-1983)
by Bob Jackson

So often we spend an inordinate amount of time, energy and money trying to reinvent the wheel. Often the answers we seek have been found by others, but overlooked, since they are not "modern" answers. Sometimes the answers are simpler than we would like to accept. This is the story of a not-so-modern nutritional pioneer whose work is as applicable to good health today as it was fifty years ago!

Born in 1894 in the tiny community of Picture Rocks, Pennsylvania, Melvin E. Page, the son of a physician and the eldest of three brothers (two of whom were successful inventors) became one of the most revolutionary pioneers in balanced body chemistry and nutrition.

After one year in college, Dr. Page discontinued his studies and embarked on a career as a school teacher. He gained a position as master of a one room schoolhouse in Rosebud, Montana, during which time he was forced to hunt wild game for food, make corn meal cakes and eat whatever he could attain from the dry land farmers. In winter the temperatures averaged 25 degrees below zero. After two years he decided to return to the University of Michigan where he obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, was made Captain in the ROTC, became middle weight boxing champion and a member of Sigma Epsilon Fraternity.

In 1919, Dr. Page began his dental practice in Muskegon, Michigan, where he became known as one of the top prosthodontists in the country. He invented dentures based on engineering principles which diminish trauma, the loss of vertical distance, and the loss of alveolar bone is kept to a minimum. During this time he also became aware that it was necessary to remake the classic dentures for many of his patients within two and one-half years. Their mandibles (jaw bones) would resorb under the dentures and bridges. In fact, this is a common problem that still exists owing to inadequate nutrition (and in some instances a combination of factors) especially among North Americans.

He wanted to learn why bones resorbed - why the mouths of his patients deteriorated. He made his investigations at Mercy Hospital and at Hackley Hospital in Muskegon. He ran more than two thousand blood chemistries and discovered that no absorption of bone occurred (and no cavities) when the calcium and the phosphorus ratio were in a proportion of 10 to 4 in the blood. The Department of Dental Research of the United States Air Force confirmed his findings of a calcium/phosphorus ratio to be correct 42 years later. Dr. Page also found, according to current test readings, that the blood sugar level should be at 85, plus or minus 5. (Sclavo test).

Restore this ratio and sugar level, and the resorption would stop. Thus, the basic research of Dr. Melvin E. Page uncovered the knowledge that sugar increases serum calcium. Calcium is drawn from the bone tissue and is carried in the serum. Dr. Page was the youngest man to have been on the staff of either hospital. His idea that diet and nutrition could cause a biochemical condition affecting the teeth, and the fact that he dared to suggest, to referred patients, that they change their eating habits by eliminating sugar among other things, was beyond acceptability. He was ostracised by his professional colleagues for his approach and so he temporarily terminated his research in blood chemistry at the hospital and his private practice. Dr. Page's group of colleagues and close friends included Samuel Beal, D. C.; D.C. Jarvis, M.D.; Royal Lee, D.D.S.; Dr. William Sheldon; T. L. Cleaves, M.R.C.D., of England; Francis Pottenger, M. D. and Weston A. Price, D.D.S.; as well as J.I. Rodale (Prevention Magazine) and Victor Pierce. These men were all pioneers in the development of alternative medicine as we know it today. They all believed that since man in his natural state, consuming the proper nutrients, was able to live without degenerative disease, perhaps our headlong rush into industrial age might have overlooked some of life's basic principles for healthy living.

Leaving Michigan, Dr. Page resettled in St. Petersburg, Florida. While waiting to acquire his dental license, he became a deep sea commercial fisherman. Once again, difficult times drove him back to nature and the outdoors which he loved. This love permeated the very heart of the practice which he established in Florida in 1940 and continued until his death. At the age of 84, this nutritional pioneer still walked a mile to and from his office almost daily. His practice was a team approach with his wife Helen, who was his diagnostic technician and whom he married in 1963. His treatment and philosophy was simple and logical. However, it did not offer the convenient and fast cure looked for by so many individuals. The condition of you body at any given moment took as long to develop as you present age. Fad diets, over-night cures and radical therapies can do nothing than create harmful side effects.

Dr. Page believed that body chemistry, when properly balanced by proper nutrition and other factors, will not only prevent dental problems but will naturally affect the rest of the body as well. He bluntly stated that you cannot affect the teeth through body chemistry and nutrition, without having beneficial effects on the entire body. The history of this man as concerns his work is an interesting narrative of a true pioneer, who has forged ahead with his ideas in spite of tremendous difficulties from colleagues in the dental and medical profession, the press, and others who scoffed at his forward-thinking ideas, such as:

The harmful effects of the use of sugar.
The harmful effects of using chemical additives and other food preservatives for the sake of “shelf life.”
Using Vitamins, Minerals, and Digestive Enzymes to supplement daily food intake.
That milk is not the perfect food for everyone.
That a person’s endocrine system must be in balance for optimum physical and mental health, through the use of micro doses of endocrines (where warranted).
Dr. Page was a man truly interested in the welfare of his fellow man, and who unselfishly devoted his life on a total basis to serve mankind. He was a man who realized many years ago the danger mankind faces because of technology that creates an artificial environment, one that can insidiously destroy us all.

This significant message challenged all patients when they entered the office of Dr. Page. It was a key to the unyielding determination of this man and his work to expose and combat increasing dangers of civilization as they affect all of us in our personal lives.

Dr. Page was a member of the Academy 100 of the State of Florida, of the New York Academy of Science, and the International Society for Comprehensive Medicine. He was a life member of the American Dental Association. He was a Fellow of the International College of Applied Nutrition and of the Royal Society of Health (England). Recognition certificates from many associations and professional fraternities, too many to list, lined one complete wall of his office.

He published numerous articles on his work in nutrition in such periodicals as the Journal of the American Dental Association, Applied Nutrition, and the Western Society of Periodontology, Nutrition and Health, Prosthodontics, and the Dental Digest and also Prevention Magazine.

Books which he has written include: “Young Minds in Old Bodies” – 1944; “Body Chemistry in Health & Disease” – 1953; “Your Body is Your Best Doctor” – 1972, Keats Publishing, Inc.; “Degeneration – Regeneration” – 1949. In 1972, Dr. Page was invited to present his work at the World Congress of the “Fédération Dentaire International,” held in Mexico City. His work has been a source of reference and interest internationally as well as nationally for many scientists, dentist, physicians and writers interested in the field of nutrition and health. After all – these ideas had been his for some forty years! At the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine Centennial celebration a few years ago, a department wing was named the “Melvin E. Page, D.D.S Oral Medicine Diagnostic Laboratory,” a recognition by his peers for his nutritional work.

Only today are we coming to a fuller understanding of the value of his research into Calcium-Phosphorous levels and how it works in the balancing of body chemistry. His unique system of graphing the endocrine system has proven most valuable in determining a greater understanding of a person’s genetic potential for life. These systems were refined from research performed on more than 3000 case studies. Thirty years ago, Dr. Page, using the system he developed, consistently was successful in healing many of the degenerative disease most common today.

Why does “modern” medicine find it so hard to look at, and accept, many of these simple truths?
Many of these articles are taken from the work of Melvin Page. D.D.S., a dentist who specialized in nutritional treatment. He treated more than 25,000 patients over 50 years. Emanuel Cheraskin, D.D.S., M.D. said that Dr. Page should have received the Nobel Prize for his work. I was fortunate to know Dr. Page and study with him for several years.

Why is Meat a Dangerous Food?

Deadly Reason #1:


Eating meat has been often called “eating on the top of the food chain. In nature there is a long chain of eaters: plants “eat” sunlight, air and water; animals eat smaller animals.

Now all over the world, fields are being treated with poisonous chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides). These poisons are retained in the bodies of the animals that eat plants and grasses.

For instance, fields were sprayed with the insect killing chemical DDT, a very powerful poison which scientists say can cause cancer, sterility and serious liver disease.

DDT and pesticides like at are retained in animal (as well as fish) fat and once stored, are difficult to breakdown. Thus as cows, eat grass or feed, whatever pesticide they eat are retained, so when you eat meat, you are taking into your body all the concentrations of DDT and other chemicals that have accumulated during the animal’s lifetime.

Eating at the “top” end of the food chain, humans become the final consumer and thus the recipient of the highest concentration of poisonous pesticides, in fact, meat contains 13 times as much DDT as vegetables, fruits and grass.

The IOWA State University once performed experiments which showed that most of the DDT in human bodies come from meat.

Deadly Reason #2:


The poisoning of meat does not stop here. Meat animals are treated with many more chemicals to increase their growth, fatten them quickly, improve their meat colour, etc.

In order to produce the most meat at the highest profit, animal are forced-fed, injected with hormones to stimulate growth, given appetite stimulant, antibiotics, sedatives and chemical feed mixtures.

Many of these have been found to be cancer causing chemicals, and in fact many animals die of these drugs even before they are led to slaughter.

As farms have evolved into animal factories, many animals never see the light of day, their lives are spent in cramped and cruel surroundings (they never get exercise or fresh air).

Such unnatural practices not only unbalance the body chemistry of the chickens and destroy their natural habits, but unfortunately, also result in the growth of malignant tumors and other malformations. In the U.S., Where 70% of cattle are given antibiotics, even with large scale usage of antibiotics to suppress Disease, the U.S. Dept of agriculture records state that millions of pounds of meat that came from animals contains tumors.

Transferred to meat eaters

The tumors and growths may go undetected or simply ignored by the meat producers are inspectors. Often, if an animal has cancer or tumor a in a certain part of its body, the cancerous part will be cut away and the rest of the body sold as meat.

Worse, the tumors themselves will be incorporated into mixed meats such as hot dogs and labeled “parts”. In one area of America, were there is routine inspection of slaughtered animals, 25,000 cattle with eye cancers were sold as beef!

Scientists have found experimentally the liver of the deceased animal is fed to fish, the fish will get cancer.

Deadly Reason #3


Just before during the agony of being slaughtered, the biochemistry of the terrified animal undergoes profound changes. Toxic by-products are forced throughout the body, thus poisoning the entire carcass

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, body poisons, including uric acid and other toxic wastes, are present in the blood and tissue.

"Protein obtained from nuts, pulses (lentils, pens, etc.), grains and dairy products is said to be relatively pure compared with beef which tests of 56% impure water content."

Just as our bodies become ill during times of intense rage or fear, animals, no less than humans, undergo profound biochemical changes in dangerous situations.

The hormone level the animals blood especially the hormone adrenaline changes radically as they see other animals dying around them and they struggle futilely for life and freedom.

These large amounts of hormones remain in the meat and later poison the human tissue. According to the Nutrition Institute of America, the flesh of an animal carcass is loaded with toxic blood and other waste by-products.

Deadly reason # 4


Raw meat is always a state of decay. As soon as an animal is killed, denatured substances, called ptomaines are formed.

These ptomaines, are formed. These ptomaines that are released immediately after death give animal flesh, fish, and adds a common property-extremely rapid decomposition and putrefaction.

Meat passes very slowly through the human digestive system, which is not designed to digest it. It takes me about 5 days to pass out of the body. (as a post a vegetarian food, which takes only 1 1/2 days.)

During this time, the disease causing products of decaying meat are in constant contact with the digest if organs. The habit of eating animal flesh in its characteristics state of decomposition creates a poisonous state in the colon and wears out the intestinal tract prematurely.

Deadly Reason #5


Full of bacteria the E coli 0157, a strain of life-threatening bacteria that can cause body diarrhea and dehydration, is naturally present in the intestines of a cattle. During or around the crossing sign, a fecal matter can come into contact with the beef and contaminate it. It gets package anyway and get shipped to your supermarket. And the U.S. for example, ground beef products have been found to be contaminated with bacteria. In May last year, some 1.1 million pounds of ground beef that caused 22 illness in Minnesota and the potential for more illnesses in 14 other states were recalled.

The products were believed to have been contaminated with E coli 0157 according to the U.S. National Centers for disease control in me 2001 report, both E coli and salmonella combines to sicken at least 113,000 people annualy.

The very young and elderly, along with those who have compromised immune systems, are considered more susceptible to E coli related illnesses.

Cooked meats, even if all done, dangerous to

Meets that are barbecued of cooked at high temperatures create the following two types of chemicals that may increase your risk a breast stomach and colorectal cancers.

HCA (heterocyclicamines) are created by cooking meat at high temperatures. Barbecuing, like broiling and pan frying, produces more HCA's than cooking a cooler temperatures does. (baking and roasting requires less heat). Researchers have found that small amount of HCA's are also produced in meats that have been cooked until they are well done.

PAH's (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are deposited on your food by the smoke and flame created by fat dripping onto hot barbecue coals.

Deadly Reason #7


Study after study clearly demonstrates that beef, pork, poultry and lamb, even the untainted by disease, contain massive amounts of saturated fats (factory farmed animals may have up to thirty times more saturated fat) and cholesterol, thus helping to clog arteries, hospitals and cemeteries worldwide.

This is regular meat-eaters live shorter lives. In a worldwide study, it has found that the Eskimos, Greenlanders and the Russian Kurgi tribes had the highest intake of flesh foods. These groups had a lowest life expectancies - in some cases averaging as low as 30 years.

In comparison, population such as the Pakistan Hunzas, east Indian Todas, Russian Caucasians and the Yucatan Indians live under harsh conditions and eat little or no animal flesh. These populations have the highest life expectancies, as high as 90 to 100 years.

The Hunzas eat almost no animal products, living a vigourous life into their 80's and beyond retirement to unknown, and many pass their one 100th birthday.

Deadly Reason # 7


Animals raised for meat today may not have genetically modified (yet), but they would have been affected by genetic tampering. In the U.S. for example, virtually the entire genetically modified maize crop and large percentage of soya and potatoes are fed to farm animals.

Genetically modified products can cause allergies (skin rashes, nausea and respiratory problems). In severe cases, anaphylactic shock and death occur.

It has been hypothesize that are harmful effects of such American modified foods could be passed on a far more concentrated form to humans (as in the case of pesticides) in contaminated meat type vegetarian-type foods.

(a plant based diet has a far lower concentration of pesticide residues then meat. This is because pesticides accumulate as one organism is eaten by another. When a cow eats grass, or is fed maize, the pesticides inside these foodstuffs are largely retained in a concentrated form in her body fat.

They are then passed on to people in the same concentrated form, when they eat the animals flesh or drink it milk. Even if farm animals were not fed pesticides directly, harmful residues still accumulate in their body fat as result of " environmental contamination".)

Even processed meat products may be affected. Last March, it was discovered that kellogg's made veggie corn dogs sold in the U.S. Contained a variety of genetically engineered corn.

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