Can carnivora and graviola be used simultaneously as a cancer treatment?

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Best answer is to contact the manufacturer or work with a naturopathic doctor (ND).

CARNIVORA ® Immune Modulator & Enhancer

The original natural discovery from Germany, developed by Helmut Keller MD, a world renown Cancer physician.

Dr Morton Walker in his book "German Cancer Therapies" wrote that CARNIVORA ® is made from the Venus Flytrap plant, the same plant that Charles Darwin called "The most wonderful plant in the World". He also says that Carnivora ® is a patented phytonutrient extract of the Venus flytrap plant, Dionaea muscipula. It is non-toxic and contains properties that are immunomodulatory, anti-viral, antitumoral, antiparasitic, antimicrobial & antibacterial.

Additionally Carnivora enhances the action of natural antibiotics due to its effect on antibiotic bacteria. From this most unique plant comes an array of constituents with diverse properties that have shown in extensive research and clinical studies to assist in the prevention of illness and disease as well as battle even the most deadly diseases including cancer for 30 years. Carnivora is a broad spectrum agent against gram positive and gram negative microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, pathogenic fungi, protozoa and human pathogenic worms.

Due to the effect Carnivora has on the immune system, it is an effective treatment for infections caused by RNA viruses and chronic infectious diseases such as influenza, lyme diseases, hepatitis C, Chrohn's disease, sexually transmitted diseases, candidiasis, chronic fatique syndrome , lupus, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, chronic arthritis and other immune-deficient and autoimmune diseases ie SARS.

Cancer Studies reported in the Book "German Cancer Therapies" by Dr Morton Walker. Studies of Carnivora® were conducted by professor Dieter Kurt Todorov,M.D., D.Sc., chief of laboratories of the oncopharmacology at the National Oncological center of Bulgaria

Study One: In his first study, Professor Todorov learned that ovarian cancer cells in a rat model tumor (in vivo) exposed to 200 nanograms (ng) per milliliter (ml) of Carnivora® reduced their number 1500 cells to 435 cells within forty-eight hours of exposure.

Study Two: Professor Todorov's second study carried out for seven days on human glioblastoma ( brain cancer) cells saw 200 ng/ml of Carnivora ® diminished the cancer cell number by half ( from exactly 109 cells to 55). He proved that the smaller a tumor is, the more effectively Carnivora ® works to bring about a reduction in separate cellular units. For this reason, it's imperative to administer the Carnivora to patients as soon as any size, shape, or type of cancer is discovered. The earlier the chance of survival is dramatically increased.

Study Three: With this investigation , professor Todorov exposed 2,500 experimental human sarcoma cells to Carnivora® for seventy-two hours, at which time they dropped in number to 880 cells. This in vitro experiment can be transposed into a vivo finding.

Study Four: Professor Todorov reported that 1711 cells of human ovarian cancer diminished to 359 cells upon being exposed to 200ng/ml of Carnivora ® during a forty-eight hour period. This particular cancer failed to respond to chemotherapy with cisplatin. Despite the ovarian cancer cells being chemotherapy resistant, Carnivora ® was able to reduce the cell number.

Study Five: In Professor Todorov's fifth study he examined cancer cells on a Petri dish and then under a microscope. He showed that treatment with 200ng/ml of Carnivora ® reduced 3100 cells of human T-Lymphoblastic leukemia to 1820 cancer cells in seventy two hours. This is laboratory proof of Dr. Kellers experience in clinical practice in Germany that Carnivora ® works well after its long exposure ( from four weeks up to six months) to the blood constituents of chronic myeloid leukemia and chronic lymphatic leukemia . Based on Dr. Kellers's prolonged period of experience with treating leukemias using his Carnivora ® pump, these blood dyscrasias may be considered reversible and curable. All of the leukemia patients who have consulted him during the past year are still alive, reside in their own homes, or ambulate as tourists vacationing in Germany.

Study Six: For this study Professor Todorov took 2,200 multidrug-resistant human sarcoma cells and reduced them to 1130 cells in seventy two hours by exposing them to 400mg of Carnivora®.

Study Seven: In his seventh study Professor Todorov exposed human leukemia cells all of which had proven to be multidrug resistant to 200ng/ml Carnivora ®. Within seventy-two hours, the abnormal, immature, and leukemic white blood cells responded well to Carnivora ® and were reduced in number from 2,250 to 570. Leukemia is successfully treated with squeezed juice of the Venus' Flytrap.

Toxic Cancer Therapies Do More Patient Harm Than Good

"If physicians prescribing for patients diagnosed with malignancies would begin immediately to use biological, natural, and nontoxic treatments, the worldwide medical community would have much greater success in achieving cancer emissions and/or cures. However , we who dispense nontoxic therapies most often must confront cancer in its end stages," emphasizes Helmut G. Keller, M.D. "after immune abilities have been ruined by chemotherapy or radiation, is when cancer patients find their way to nontoxic therapies as a last resort. Holistic oncologists fighting to save lives this way are being presented with impossible odds!
"It's a known fact -even the American cancer Society admits it -that a mere 5 percent of cancers are cured by chemotherapy. Nontoxic cancer therapies regenerate immunity and readily kill off multimillions of tumor cells .This happens not out of neglect or abuse of one's immune system but by its being nurtured, bolstered, and reinforced, " Dr Kellers says. " Immune system stimulation is mandatory in our modern polluted environments."

Dr Helmut Keller said that "For patients with early malignancies who come to him for treatment at his clinic in Germany before undergoing any noxious therapies, he achieves cancer remission for almost 98% percent of them".

How to take the Capsules: To overcome a life-threatening disease, up to six capsules should be taken daily, for normal immune boosting then three daily. Oral administration should occur before meals or on an empty stomach three times daily or as directed by a health practitioner and should continue for a period of approximately two years.

Please note: Carnivora ® should be taken as part of a health restoring program and under the supervision of a registered health practitioner/naturopath.

Why Carnivora?
Get healthy. Be healthy. Stay healthy with Carnivora ®, nature's Nutritional Powerhouse.

Multi-faceted immune optimization through immune modulation and immune enhancement Maintain a more healthy helper , suppressor ratio and increase NK cell production

Mult-dimensional nutrients to inhibit mitochondrial ATP synthesis while blocking protein kinase production.

Stimulate the reticuloedothelia system activating and increasing the self-defense cells in the body.

No toxic or mutagenic effects in vivo in the human body up to 4,500 cc daily dose.

Facilitate macrophage production and optimal phagocytosis

Get powerful antioxidant support for heart and cell growth functions.

Keep the immune system functioning at its most effective levels to deactivate invading microbes, viruses, parasites, and toxins.

Facilitate the action of natural antibiotics produced by the body to attack bacteria, viruses, pathogenic fungi, protozoa and other harmful microorganisms

Support normal cell reproduction and the body's defenses against disorders caused by inflammation.

Contribute to cardiovascular health and the body's hypolipidaemic and anticoagulant mechanisms.

Protect against nutritional depletion-don't give your body's enemies an unfair advantage.

Developed in 1973 by world renowned German Physician, Dr Helmut Keller.

Give your body powerful health support and your body will take care of you.

Made by Carnivora Research Inc U.S.A.

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