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All your efforts to reach a healthy weight might be sabotaged by little morsels you don't even count--the condiments you use. Recently nutritionists at Washington State University checked what college students really ate against what they remembered eating. Almost 50 percent of the time students forgot condiments--far more than they forgot entrees, desserts, beverages or side dishes (Nutrition Research, volume 13, 1993). It's true we add condiments by dabs and spoonfuls that seem too small to count. But those tiny portions often pack gobs of calories and fat--so, weightwise, they add up fast! The good news? Just by switching to low-fat, low-cal condiments, you get an astonishing payoff. For example, spread 2 tablespoons of mustard instead of 2 tablespoons of mayo on your sandwich, and you save 180 calories (and 20 grams of fat) a day. If you eat a sandwich five times a week, that one little change could add up to a 13-pound weight loss in a year--which cuts the mustard with us!


by Holly McCord, R.D., with Teresa A. Yeykal

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