Anyone have an opinion on Darryl Stoddard's biotape for pain relief?

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I love the product. Want to order another page of strips--lost mine. Do not need book. Used after surgery & many other problems. Need for knee problem now. e-mail kthoma@eastlink with phone # where to contact this great Canadian/American invention. You cannot take pain pills & must drink lots of water. KarenT Proud.Canadian 64 & counting.

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I've posted several articles, both positive and negative about the product.

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Biotape Pain Relief Claims Disputed

June 24, 2004
The Federal Trade Commission has charged that Smart Inventions, Inc., a California-based direct response TV company, made false and unsubstantiated claims that a product called ?Biotape? can treat or cure severe pain.

The FTC complaint, filed in the Central District of California, also alleges that the defendants falsely claimed Biotape is superior to commonly available over-the-counter analgesics and topical creams and ointments in treating pain.

The defendants advertised Biotape, which resembles electrical tape, primarily through a 30-minute infomercial that aired nationally on various cable stations, including Women?s Entertainment, The Discovery Channel, and the Inspirational Network.

Darrell Stoddard ? who developed Biotape and is featured in the infomercial along with the infomercial host Kevin Trudeau and the company's chief operating officerr, Jon D. Nokes ? also are named as defendants.

The infomercial sold Biotape in conjunction with Stoddard?s book, ?Pain Free for Life.? A sheet of 10 adhesive Biotape strips costs approximately $10. The infomercial directed consumers to apply Biotape to the parts of their bodies where they experience pain. Biotape was purported to contain a ?space age conductive mylar that connects the broken circuits that cause the pain.?

The FTC complaint alleges that the defendants have falsely and without substantiation claimed that Biotape: (1) significantly and permanently relieves severe pain caused by surgical procedures, arthritis, migraines, and other serious conditions; and (2) is superior to other products and treatments, such as over-the-counter analgesics and topical creams and ointments, in eliminating or relieving severe pain.

In a separate action filed by the Commission in June 2003, the FTC previously sued Trudeau for his role in making false or unsubstantiated pain-relief claims in the Biotape infomercial, charging that such claims violated a 1998 federal district court order. This contempt action against Trudeau is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

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What Doctors & Health Care Professionals are saying about
Pain Free for Life and author Darrell Stoddard

“I tried the Biotape and it worked. I placed the tape over a sore elbow that I’ve had for 6 months, and 10 minutes later when I was working on a patient, I noticed that the pain was gone. I have many patients that I can use the tape on.”
--Thaddeus Srutwa, M.D.

“ I continue to be astonished at how dramatically and completely Darrell can get rid of severe pain. I have seen with my own eyes thousands of people becoming completely pain free when they thought they would have to live with pain for the rest of their lives. … This book contains many important ideas for enhanced health and well-being. They are founded on the basis of published medical literature, and I believe are sound medical concepts.”
-- Dennis W. Remington, M.D., P.C.
Author: How to Lower You’re Fat Thermostat, Back to Health, The Bitter Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

“Deafferentation, neurogenic pain - which is the most treatment resistant, is due to loss of
neurologic signal from the periphery due to conduction loss - both neuropathic and tissue “volume conduction” changes. Stoddard's concept of reconnecting the system by use of conductive tape is a philosophical and practical “out of the box” end run for pain therapy.”
-- R. P. Iacono, M.D. FACS Neuroscience/Neurosurgery Explored the underlying physiology of chronic pain at U.S.C. and Duke University. Pioneer of sterotactic pallidotomy brain surgery for Parkinson’s disease. Has performed more than 1500 such surgeries. Has a waiting list of 1000 more. See Iacono Bio at:

“I am pleased to recommend Darrell Stoddard’s book Pain Free for Life that provides a valid, low cost, alternative to modern medicine’s drug and surgery approach to pain. Darrell’s work is based on many years of hands-on experience with thousands of people. He has demonstrated that his simple, non-invasive treatments cannot only relieve pain quickly, but actually stop the cause of pain. Medical practitioners would do well to incorporate his methods as a first response for dealing with pain.”
-- Mark C. Belk, Ph.D Zoology

“ Since I began using the Biotape 5 years ago I would say it gives great results 90% of the time. I have sent it home with many patients with the instruction to apply it where it hurts! It always works within a few minutes to an hour and usually within a few days the disability is gone.”
-- John E. Gambee, M.D.

“ Society has already gained immensely from Darrell Stoddard’s work – his “impossible dream”. Those who are fortunate enough to read Pain Free for Life will assuredly agree! The Darrell Stoddard Concepts deserve widespread confirmation and extension.”
-- John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cell Biology, Former Director Biomedical Research Division, Livermore National Laborator,y Author of nine books and more than 120 articles in peer review scientific journals.

“This book presents a 180-degree paradigm shift from the drug based pharmaceutical approach of managing pain, to treating the cause of pain. It is “outside the box” thinking that should be considered by every medical doctor.”
-- David Voss, D.O.

“ Darrell Stoddard presents information that when accepted and implemented will change the way modern medicine treats pain. Everyone suffering from pain will benefit.”
-- Kent Pendleton, Health Educator

“I have watched Darrell work and produce dramatic pain relief for my wife. We had the same machine Darrell uses in our home for a number of years and I was able to relieve my wife’s pain and that of many others. I have also used the instrument to measure resistance before and after treatment. There is no question that the resistance decreases with a decrease in the pain.”
-- A. Owen Smoot M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

“I have seen Darrell Stoddard relieve chronic intractable pain in hundreds of patients – patients orthodox medicine could not help.”
--Dennis Harper, D.O.

“I have found that people in chronic pain do not usually get better with medication. In many cases the medication causes a worsening of pain overtime. On the other hand, I have seen Darrell Stoddard relieve severe, chronic pain in numerous patients that had received little or no help from medication. His theories concerning pain-relief, though controversial in the medical community, have proven effective over and over again.”
-- Dr. Judith S. Moore, D.O.
Co-author of Marie Osmond’s bestseller Behind the Smile and author of Healing from the Heart: the Inherent Power to Heal from Within.

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Biotape: gimmick or pain-relief breakthrough?

For thousands of years Chinese healers have believed in and worked with an internal electrical energy system in the body called Chi. While Western medicine largely dismiss it as hocus-pocus, US-based Darrell Stoddard has devised a user-friendly super conductor which he claims is the cure for world suffering.

According to Darrell, regardless of the reason a person's pain persists, be in injury, disease or diet, he insists it is a result of a break or blockage in the flow of Chi around the body.

"I have measured electrical resistance at the site of pain in more than 18,000 patients and where there's pain there's always more electrical resistance," he says.

Based on his understanding of Chi, Darrell developed a super conductor known as Biotape. The tape looks and feels like electrical tape but it contains a polyester substance called Mylar and instead of insulating, it conducts electricity, in this case, our own.

"Theoretically, the body knows how to heal itself and when it doesn't it's because the signal can't get through to tell those cells to repair," he says. "By applying the tape, we not only connect the broken circuits on the surface immediately but we allow the signal to go through for all those cells to repair and reconnect."

But, not everyone is convinced Biotape is the answer.

Director of the Pain Management Clinic in Melbourne, Dr Len Rose, is highly skeptical, even though he practices acupuncture, which is another healing modality that incorporates Chi.

"There isn't any simple answer to pain," he says. "Pain is a simple word but it's an extraordinary, complex phenomenon."

Back to Biotape, and for it to work at its peak, it's vital the body be fully hydrated. Patients are required to drink at least a litre of non-chlorinated water for every 40 kilograms of body weight. A pinch of rock salt in the water assists conductivity and the simple rule of thumb is to stick the tape where it hurts.

Biotape has only been introduced into Australia and retails for around $30 per metre.
"I don't care how skeptical people are or who any doctor is, if they give me a chance I'll make a believer out of them," says Darrell.

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