Nutrient contents of natural sugar versus REFINED sugar

Any health expert want to take crack at this since we're being told to stay away from refined sugar.

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Nutrient contents of natural sugar versus REFINED sugar:

Natural sugar comes along with all the other nutrients in natural food. Refined sugar usually means granulated sugar, which is crystals of sucrose with no other nutrient contents. Refined sugar can also mean any sugars that have been refined from any source, such as syrups and chemically named sugar ingredients such as dextrose. Natural sugar as in fruit contains a mixture of chemical types of sugar: sucrose, dextrose (aka D-glucose,) maltose, xylose, and sugar alcohols, not just fructose (aka levulose.) The proportions of sugars vary according to the species or variety of the fruit or vegetable and its ripeness. Refined sugar is empty calories. Refined fats such as vegetable oils, butter, and lard are empty calories too. Even refined protein such as protein powder is empty calories. Empty calories contain no vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients to aid in their metabolism. They deplete the body's supplies of nutrients, or else are stored as fat until more naturally useful nutrients are consumed.

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