Why do they use "fortified" to label some health drinks?

is it supposed to be healthier because it's fortified?

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I would stay away from most foods or drinks that are "fortified." Fortified means the drink in question has lost most of its nutrients while processed and now it needs to be fortified (added) with nutrients to make it seem healthy.

Fortification of food with iron is considered the best sustainable way of preventing iron deficiency when an appropriate diet is not available. The most difficult challenge is to find the ideal combination of iron fortification compound and food vehicle. We investigated the effect of cheese whey drink with 15% of frozen strawberry fortified with ferrous bisglycinate on hemoglobin values in children and adolescents.

The assessed population participates in Public Educational Centers in Londrina, Paraná (southern Brazil), which assist families living in precarious socioeconomic conditions (annual income < US $500.00 per capita). Hemoglobin was measured for 1 y with a Hemocue portable photometer. Anemia was defined as hemoglobin values below 12 g/dL. Thus, hemoglobin was verified in 467 (7 to 14 y) individuals (249 boys and 218 girls).

Although anemia prevalence did not decrease after 3 mo, there was a statistically significant decrease from 41.9% at the beginning of the study to 26.4% after 6 mo (P < 0.001) and to 9.6% after 1 y (P < 0.001). Statistically significant changes (mean ± standard deviation) were observed between children and adolescents with hemoglobin values below 11 g/dL (increase of 2.2 ± 1.03) and above 12 g/dL (increase of 0.35 ± 1.07; P < 0.0001).

There was a marked reduction in the prevalence of anemia in children and adolescents after long-term fortification of whey drink with ferrous bisglycinate.

Whether you are on a hardcore diet trying to lose major pounds or just someone trying to stay in good shape, you should be aware that there are a lot of so-called "healthy" drinks out there that will do you more harm than good. To help you steer clear of these devilish drinks, Men's Health has compiled a small list of 5 of some of the most unhealthy drinks. The drinks, inside...

5. Worst "Healthy" Drink
Glaceau VitaminWater (any flavor 20oz bottle)
130 calories, 33 grams of sugar.
Vitamins and water might seem like a good idea but what they don't advertise is that this water contains nearly as much calories and sugar as a can of soda. It should be no surprise that this stuff is made by The Coca-Cola Company.

4. Worst Juice Imposter
Arizona Kiwi Strawberry (23.5 oz can)
360 calories, 84 grams of sugar.
These bottles which are just 5 percent juice cost 99 cents which makes them one of the cheapest source of empty calories in the country.

3. Worst Smoothie
Jamba Juice Peanut Butter Moo'd Power Smoothie (30 oz)
169 grams of sugar, 30 grams of fat
Whether you call it a smoothie or a milk shake, it has more sugar than a bag of chocolate chips.

2. Worst Summer Cocktail
Pina Colada
625 calories, 75 grams of sugar
Because of the super sweet pineapple juice and fatty coconut milk, the only wise thing to consume here may be the garnish. Try a lime daiquiri or mojito instead and save 400 calories.

1. The Unhealthiest Drink In America
Baskin Robbin's Large Heath Bar Shake (32. oz)
2,310 calories, 266 grams of sugar, 108 grams of fat
73 ingredients go into this milk shake.
66 teaspoons of sugar.
11 Heath bars equal the calories in this shake
8-12 minutes to consume this drink.
240 minutes on a treadmill running at a moderate pace to burn it off.

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