SUPERFOODS...High octane fuels that give you more miles per gallon


SUPERFOODS...High octane fuels that give you more miles per gallon

A nice means of understanding the body is to think of it as millions and millions of tiny engines. If these engines work well, they produce lots of energy and give the body zest, endurance and pep. These engines depend on fuel to run well. You guessed it right...fuel of low grade will not allow the engine to run at full capacity! We make sure our cars have fuels of proper blend. If it does not have the perfect fuel, it sputters, coughs and hesitates. When we do not give it any fuel...well, it just will not run.

SUPERFOODS are fuels of extremely high octane value because they are the blend of enzymatically alive nutrient rich foods collected from the basic food chain which provide optimum nutrition for every cell of the body. These foods are often reduced to a powder form for your convenience, to be blended with liquids for easy and efficient consumption.

We get more miles per gallon from superfoods. They provide the basic materials our body's millions of little engines need to not only run well but to complete their daily, specific functions.


- 50% of all diseases or engine failures are directly related to our diet, estimates the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

- 75% of all doctors visits are linked basically to poor dietary habits or using bad fuel for our engines.

Think about it...our tiny engines run 24 hours a day. They are always "on-call" and we expect instant and spontaneous energy from them. When we put our foot on the gas peddle of our daily needs, we expect an immediate response.

Values of gasoline, (our car's fuel) are measured as an octane rating. An octane rating of 87-90 is a good rating.

Values of foods for our body's fuel are measured as a nutritional rating. Healthy amounts of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, cell salts and antioxidants determine our good rating.


SUPERFOODS are called super because of their huge array of nutrients derived from all classifications, be it vitamins or antioxidants.

Foods such as organically grown alfalfa grass, whole red beet tops and bottoms, barley grass and wheat grass juice powders are well known to be nutrient-rich superfoods. Not only are these land vegetables powerhouses but when we add sea vegetables such as the blue-green algae spirulina, the green micro-algae chlorella, aphanizomenum flos- aquae (referred to as "blue-green algae"), dulse (a purple-red sea vegetable) and a South Pacific sea vegetable called dunaliella salina (potent source of beta-carotene and 1% alpha-carotene by weight), we get the best fuel from Mother Nature's land and seas.


Let's look at a list of a few of the incredible octane values some of these SUPERFOODS contain: a great fuel mix of alkaline minerals, cancer preventing phytochemicals and antiaging antioxidants, glycolipids and sulpholipids.

Spirulina...65% protein, beta-carotene, calcium, phycocyanin ( a blue pigment) etc.

Chorella...chlorophyll, RNA and DNA (nucleic acids), potassium, magnesium, etc.

Soy Lethicin...emulsifies cholesterol contains isoflavonoids.

Aphaniz Algae...chlorophyll, Vitamin B 12, chromium etc.

Barley Juice...enzymes such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), vitamin C and A, etc.

Alfalfa Juice...fiber, manganese, selenium, etc.

Red Beet Juice...fiber, helps digestion, stimulates kidneys.

Wheat Grass Juice...chlorophyll, vitamins A, C and K, etc.

Hydroponically Grown Wheat source of antioxidants, SOD and catalase.

Sprouted Barley Malt...for the maintenance of healthy bowel environment, etc.

...And these SUPERFOODS clean and protect your engine, daily!


Alkalinity and phytochemicals are important ingredients in SUPERFOODS as are their vitamins and minerals. There are components in these foods that can protect you from cancer, colds, flues and the aging process itself.


Batteries are meant to run on acid. The millions of engines in our bodies are meant to run on alkaline ash forming foods.

All foods either leave an alkaline ash or an acidic ash (metabolic residue) after they are digested and assimilated.

Alkaline ash foods are essentially fruits, herbs, vegetables, millet, sea vegetables and sprouts. Acid ash foods are generally meats, poultry, fish, dairy products, grains, oils, alcohol and sugar.

The human body is three-fourths alkaline and our millions of engines run most effectively when the high octane fuel we give them is 75% alkaline ash forming foods and 25% acid ash forming foods.

Check your diet for the next 24 hours. Chances are your fuel blending is totally backwards and you are consuming 25% alkaline and 75% acid ash foods. If you are, your fuel blend is incorrect and your millions of engines are running at less then peak performance on the wrong fuel blend and you are headed for an engine shutdown.

You can check your early morning urine pH very quickly with litmus paper, to see if you are alkaline or acidic.

Alkaline ash forming foods leave us with lots of energy, our skin and hair maintain a healthy glow, we generally sleep well and we are calmer.

Acidic ash forming foods leave us feeling tired, our skin and hair loose some of their luster, we do not sleep as well, are prone to more colds and our temperaments fluctuate quickly.

Strong acids from this improper fuel blend must be neutralized and excreted through the urine via the kidneys. This is stressful on our millions of engines. Our body keeps an alkaline reserve of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc, minerals that neutralize these strong acids. Too much acid in our system uses up these reserves. Then our body has to turn to other sources for help.


Our new U.S. food pyramid suggests we therefore consume 5 servings of fresh vegetables daily and 3-4 servings of fresh fruits daily. Sounds easy enough, yet only 20% of the populations does this.

80% of our population does not receive enough alkalizing minerals to neutralize all the corrosive acid in our bodies. Calcium is leached from our bones to do this job. Now we experience calcium loss called oesteoporosis. Protein is acid forming and requires more alkaline minerals, especially calcium to neutralize them. Quite simply, the more protein you eat, the more calcium you loose.

SUPERFOODS are loaded with organic, covalent bonded minerals to replenish our alkaline reserves and they are very strong alkaline ash foods.

When in a powder form, mix your superfoods with quality water or fresh vegetable juice. Then you have a wonderful alkaline food that not only replenishes your alkaline reserve, but also leaves your bones intact, and keeps your engines running smoothly.


Consume foods with an array of colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue, purple and green! Become aware of your "INNER ECOLOGICAL SYSTEM".

Fruits, vegetables, sea vegetables, sprouts, herbs and botanicals contain phytochemicals ("phyto" is derived for the Greek word for plant).

The National Cancer Institute is excited about these natural plant compounds because they have an apparent intriguing talent to block one or more of the multi-steps leading to cancer. Devra Lee Davis, senior science advisor at the U.S. Public Health Service, says, "that these natural products can take tumors and defuse them...they can turn off the proliferative process of cancer."

SUPERFOODS, a storehouse for phytochemicals, contain flavonoids that give the huge array of colors to these superfoods. Do consciously consume a wide variety of colorful foods that have a full reserve of flavonoids such as carrots and blueberries. Flavonoids literally race to sites on the cell where cancer causing hormones (including estrogen) attach themselves and protect the cell from tumor formation. In general, they assist in preventing diseases.


A great idea to keep your body alkaline, full of anti-aging antioxidants and cancer preventing phytochemicals is to have your SUPERFOODS, fruits, and other vegetables (alkaline ash food) for both breakfast and lunch and your protein (acid ash food) at dinner. Then, do not eat anything after 7:00pm. This is wonderful for your digestion, assimilation, alkalinity, enzyme reserves and allows easily digested foods to be eaten during the day when we still need to keep our engines going. Protein meals for dinner allow us to give the body a little rest while the protein is digesting. SUPERFOODS and fruits stay in the stomach for 15-20 minutes, vegetables for 30-40 minutes, vegetarian protein for 1 hour, meats for 3 hours and incorrect protein combinations for 5 long laboring hours of pure stress on the body. It is best not to mix fruits and vegetables at the same time. Therefore do not consume superfoods mixed with fruits and berries. It is best to mix your superfoods with vegetable juice or quality water.


The "friendly bacteria" or probiotic cultures such as L. acidophilas, bifidus,etc. enhance our immunity greatly. They actively decrease levels of carcinogens in our intestines, deactivate enzymes that may promote agents turning into cancer and protect the intestinal ecology from viruses and bacteria.

Not only is cow's milk pasteurized and acid forming, but now it may contain questionable genetically engineered BGH, bovine growth hormone, to make cows produce more milk. No longer can you rely on milk yogurt for your "friendly bacteria". However, friendly bacteria grown on a rice medium, totally dairy free, prove to be remarkable SUPERFOODS. Fuel up on them!


It is imperative to drink 8-10 glasses of quality water per day to help the body rehydrate. Your body is 55% water and contains approximately 97 pints of water. This water must be replenished daily.

Purchase organically grown fruits, herbs, vegetables and SUPERFOODS whenever possible. SUPERFOODS not subjected to heat have all the vital and necessary enzymes in tact for your optimum health.

Be good to your millions of tiny engines today and they will continue to supply you with abundant and reliable energy.

Make SUPERFOODS part of your alkaline diet everyday. On days of extra stress, shore yourself up with extra servings be it from the original or powder form. Enjoy them on an empty stomach for maximum digestion, absorption and superior fuel octane. Experience the high octane value of SUPERFOODS for your optimum health!


Island Publishing Company, Inc.


By Sam Graci

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