Is it safe to use true hope empower plus if you are pregnant

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"For anyone who is having troubles with dealing with the transitions [from
medications to EMPwerplus], I would tell them to persevere. It may seem
like forever at the time when you are going through it, but when you look
back on it, it is just a short amount of time. And, the benefits will so
outweigh everything that you are going through once you have been through
those transition periods in your life of getting off of the meds."
-Alyson S.

Welcome to another edition of Common Ground Online. Here's what's in this
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- Alyson's Journey to Wellness
- Available Now in Spanish
Alyson's Journey to Wellness
Click on the icon below to watch Alyson S. tell of her life both before
and after EMPowerplus. (Alyson was diagnosed with Re-occurring Major

[] Available Now in Spanish
We are pleased to announce that is now available in Spanish!
So for those of you who would like to tell your Spanish-speaking friends or
family about the Truehope program, there has never been a better time. We
also have Spanish printed material available (Participant and Support
Person guides) for those who would like to place an order. We look forward
to serving our Spanish friends better with the availability of these
resources, which will assist them on their journey to wellness using our

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The Truehope Staff

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I would visit their site and ask them that question.

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