Herbs & Aromatherapy for the Reproductive System


Herbs & Aromatherapy for the Reproductive System

Well-known in the herbal and aromatherapy fields, Jeanne Rose is introducing a new series of books, "The Jeanne Rose Earth Medicine Books". The first is Herbs & Aromatherapy for the Reproductive System.

Because of the narrowed scope of this book, specifically targeting the reproductive systems of both male and female, Jeanne is able to go into depth with both basic anatomy, its functions, common problems, and common herbal and aromatherapy approaches to health and healing.

The book provides an excellent "medical" explanation of the various reproductive organs/systems and offers easy to understand herbal treatments for both health and healing.

Most useful for the beginner is the section on the methods of preparations -- tea, infusion, ointments, exlir, poultice, etc. Many times a book assumes that all readers know what these are, when to use each and how to properly prepare them. Jeanne, with her teaching experience, makes this clear and easy for everyone to grasp.

Also, excellent for the beginner is the glossary and list of mail order suppliers.

For the more advanced readers, they will find the recipes very easy to follow and the overall content of the book to be very informative and useful.

Jeanne's writing style is a unique blend of teaching detail and talking practical which makes the book (128 pages) interesting to read from cover to cover.

The Holistic Health Network.


By Marian Brown

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