Is LSD harmful? (non-biased)

I've done a lot of 'Googling' and I've found that LSD isn't as harmful as people think. I need some medical facts, and your opinions so I know.

I don't plan on taking LSD I might add.

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There are different body types in the world yes, however LSD is LSD and it has been one of the most intensively studied drugs of all time. I am by no means a doctor, however i do have quiet a bit of knowledge in the field of drugs. LSD has no long term effects. There have been rumors about "flashbacks" which is described as a moment where your brain sort of recreates of the feeling of what its like to be on acid. This can occur days, weeks, even months after the trip. I for one have never experienced this and nor has anyone else i know.

The drug LSD is not toxic to your body despite what other people might tell you. However that does not mean it should be taken lightly, it is still a drug with powerful potential.

In my opinion the only reason it has such a bad reputation is simply because of its name, acid. If it wasnt as safe as it was...i dont think anyone would be touching it with a name like acid :P.


 Answer by Aaron8001


Hi. Well, you see, there are diferent types of bodies in this world. Some can expirience a certain type of effect with LSD, some won't. But whaterver the case is, there is always a toxic effect and a damage effect on the cells. Also look at the statistics of LSD and some others, and you'll see that people feel like zombies, or they feel like someone else, etc. Or they kill themselves. I think is good that you search for the truth of this drug. Bye

 Answer by jordan2588

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