Hepatoprotective Effects of Curcumin


Hepatoprotective Effects of Curcumin

Reference: Rajakrishnan V, Menon VP, Rajashekaran KN. Protective role of curcumin in ethanol toxicity. Phytother Res 1998; 12:55-6.

Summary: Male rats were given high levels of ethanol daily for 30 days. They were simultaneously treated with either 80 mg/kg curcumin (from turmeric, Curcuma longa) or saline. A control group was given no ethanol or other treatment. All rats given ethanol had significantly higher levels of serum liver enzymes, lipids and products of lipid oxidation. However, the group of rats given curcumin along with the ethanol had significantly lower levels than those given saline. The authors conclude curcumin may, to some degree, protect against the hepatotoxic, oxidative and hyperlipidemic effects of chronic, excessive ethanol intake.

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By E. Yarnell

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