Drug Industry conspiracy?

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Welcome to the town of allopathy

Gary ( controlyourthoughts@gmail.com )

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Ontario is not only in bed with the Big Pharmas their pimping out our children, 48 % of Ontario's children on some sort of mind altering drug ,is in foster care.

Not only are they killing our children being responsible for 63 deaths while in CAS care , their now drugging children as young as 2 yrs old. Hamilton is building a Psche ward at Mc Master hospital 20 beds for children as young as 5 i guess their their next experimentation project for the Big Pharms Im sure its probaly funded by them.

Hamiltons placement of legally kidnapping children and making them wards rised 91 % in the last year.

Awareness is the key as this will create a public outcry.

Thank You for your dedication and work .

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I have just come across your youtube page and noticed that you have some awareness of the damage which these so called healing drugs are causing. The "chemical cosh" more like, is killing not only pensioners but people of all ages, the drugs are poisining brain cells of innocent people.

The time has come to put an end to it all, with your good youtube reputition, you can be a great help in exposing some of the most horrifying abuses taking place. Our people have managed to capture some undercover shocking scenes of abuse, racism, violance and blackmailing at the Queen Elizabeth's Pshychiatric Hospital in Birmingham which we have as of yet not published.

We have visited some of the patients who are in desperate need of our and your help. Mara is only one of the many patients who are suffering day by day at the hospital. We can put an end to it by uniting and getting the word out. It is people power which we can use to overcome those stone hearted murderers.

We are hoping to have you to be part of our team to expose their evil crimes.

If you would like to be part of our team, then you can start contributing by letting people know about the abuses at the birmingham's hospital or by simply getting people to vitis our new website at www.risefortruth.co.uk.

I thank you for your time in reading the above and hope that maybe one day we shall live in peace once again.

With Kind Regards,
Ali - www.risefortruth.co.uk

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Have you ever heard of Agenda 21, I use to beleive as you do, but now I know that it is intentional and is part of a plan to control world population.

Google video Esoteric Agenda , or youtube search Codes Alementious. It is scary to think what these rich fucks think they can do to us. They basically think we are all cattle.

I just want to say I am NOT disagreeing with anything in the vids you have out, they are great info, but I think it is time for you to see the whole story and realise it is not just good business sense. They are trying to kill us. And hey if they can make money while they do it added bonus for them I guess.

Another thing to check on if you dont beleive in the population control thing would be the Gergia guidstones. If you dont know what it is allready, here is a breif description. It is a stone tablet that looks to have almost a new set of commandments. Number one being the population of earth shall not rise above 500,000,000. It is scary. the only info I can find on its origan is some Mason had it carved very recently. A youtube searc of eugenics is pretty scary as well.

If you check into this info and find it to be interesting and would like to know more jsut ask, and I will be glad to point you in the right direction.

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There is no conspiracy theory. Almost every pharmaceutical company is a public traded company listed on the NYSE, AMEX, or NASDAQ. A public company has a fiduciary duty not to return profits to its shareholders, but to MAXIMIZE profits to its shareholders.

Pharma corps want to get people hooked on their drugs because it makes business sense-profits. It's not any different than a salesperson trying to sell you extended warranty.

No conspiracy here. Just good business practice on Big Pharma.

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