Mineral deficiencies cause of bipolar disorder?

I have been diagnosed bi polar since 1976 and though sulfur has not negated the use of lithium carbonate or oratate it has reduced the side effects of the meds. What I have observed is that most of the newer therapies for bi polar disorders have increased suicide tendencies ( Depakote ) or created a zombie like continence that anti convulsive are known for. The issue of a mineral deficiency for manic depression is not a modern problem being that mania and manic depression can be documented in many ancient writings.

How the axons work in the brain are unknown regarding bi polar conditions and until we better understand how the brain functions the only thing I can say is that it too is a mineral deficiency. Consider Lukenbach Texas where the lithium levels
in the water are at a therapeutic level, no bi polar issues, no shrinks and few psychologists. I would image the lithium levels of the Tiber River in Italy to way below those found in this area of Texas.

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Mineral deficiency is one biological cause of bipolar. There are other causes such as psychological, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It depends on the person.

Hypoglycemia has many symptoms that mimic bipolar.

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