How do I advertise on this site?

I was just on your web site and I think it really is one of the most informative sites on ADHD I've read in a while. There are so many people seeking answers and help about ADHD. It seems every other day you hear on the news or read an article about it.

I would like to buy an ad on your site for a company who offers health information. Your site is so informative I really think it is a great place for people to turn to. The visitors to your site may also appreciate having a quick link to a site that provides additonal information and answers to health related questions they may have.

I would like to place the ad on your homepage

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We don't advertise at the moment because the pharmaceutical industry owns keywords most conditions such as bipolar, depression, adhd...There would be ads for drugs all over the site if we allowed advertising through Google and Yahoo programs.

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