PTSD and Depression in Vets

I was listening to an embedded photographer recount his story of being in Iraq and
how he was suffering with PTSD just as the soldiers with whom he was embedded.
Listening to his story reminded me of our Study members who now respond "They
just feel better."

We have had little interest in Organic Sulfur from, Vietnam to present day
Iraq Vets. It appears they would rather curse the darkness of the VA than do
something which may improve their situation.

Since beginning the Study one thing has been apparent, sulfur replaces anti-
depressants very effectively. All kinds of depression though PTSD Vets have not
been interested.

Hep C Vets ( the Vietnam Vets have the highest rate of Hep C of any group in the
world ) fit into the same mold, curse the VA and their inability to have a liver transplant.
Sulfur appears to allow the cells of the liver to regenerate.

We believe that sulfur enables the production of glutathione along with other amino
acids which are necessary for healthy cellular regeneration but also to mitigate the
stress factor. Adrenalin is an amino acid, cortisol is the worry or stress version of
the same amino acid cascade.

I thought of you and EnCognitive when the responses from the Vet groups were not
receptive. It seems the Veterans groups are also entrenched in a pity party, "the
F**king VA was common. The conventional therapy is drugs, anti depressants and
other psychoactive ( anti convulsive ) which are now the favorite off label choices
of psychiatry.
How would you suggest trying to express this theory to your readers hoping to find
those with PTSD who are tired of self medicating and who are sleep deprived afraid
of the dreams which haunt them nightly?
You know my theory about our current food supply and its lack of sulfur, now multiply
that time 50 and you have today's military rations.

If we are truly interested in supporting our troops then something more than lip
service is needed to address the Stress they encountered in our name while in

While looking for groups or blogs of PTSD Vets I found an article about an off label
blood pressure drug which showed promise in 34 cases. Sulfur has been effective
in regulating BP in 80 cases with 54 having open heart surgical procedures cancelled.
As the patents run out on the big money drugs looking for off label uses rather than
doing the research of what makes the drug work, or not would make more sense.
F**king drug companies.

We don't know whether sulfur can be of benefit but we do know that it carries no
adverse side effects. Those with any form of stress sleep disorders have reported
very vivid dreams but not nightmares. One Study member did report night mares
but she is the exception to the majority of reports. Middle Eastern women and
Asian women cover their mouths and "titter" which when further investigated meant
their vivid dreams were sexual, but not nightmares.

Sleep deprivation not only makes us tired but prevents our bodies from cellular
regeneration, only during deep REM sleep are cells able to regenerate.

Any thoughts on how to test this theory?

Patrick McGean

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The cost, the cost, the cost, yes it is paid by our insurance companies but unlike the Omega E
fish oil and the other "foods" you take to insure your health you do so because your health is
your responsibilty not that of your "health provider."

Drugs are synthesized for the sake of patents. The problem is they become empty compounds
which require our bodies to leach the missing nutrients or minerals already present to function.
Consider white granulated sugar. This complex sugar can not be digested as it enters our
body because it lacks the carbon and hydrogen which existed in its unrefined state. Alcohol
is a similar scenario, to metabolize it our body has to supply that which was lost during when
it was distilled.
The same can be said about packaged or frozen foods which has been flashed heated to kill
the bacteria which we need in our guts. All bacteria is not bad but is necessary for our body
to digest what we eat.

As you now know we believe that chemical fertilizers have broken the sulfur cycle but the over
processing of our foods to protect us from all of the bad bacteria. Who put all bacteria on the
bad side?

Cost, cost, cost? If the drugs our that our health care plans pay for carry adverse side effects
where is the cost savings? Our health does not benefit but only our percieved cost savings. Our
health is our responsibility, our ill health drives the medical/pharaceutical/insurance complex.

Who is behind Canada's C-51 bill on supplements and vitamins? The drug companies with
their soon to expire patents on the drugs they have been profitting from. Codex Alimentarius
here and in Europe are similar attempts to control what we consume in the form of supplements
and vitamins by making them prescription only. MSM requires a prescription in Germany and
most of Europe, Organic Sulfur though a form of MSM ships under a World Trade Organization
shipping code for organic sulfur or we would not have any Eurorpean Study members.

The catch for Vets is the VA. It has no interest is addressing the conditions these Vets have
or complain about, the only interest thay have is delivering the drugs offered by the drug
companies. What drugs have cured any of the PTSD symptoms these men and women

We don't go looking for any one group of people we are interested in knowing how adding
sulfur to one's diet benefits their general health. Those Vets we have contacted are those
whom we meet face to face and they are caught up in the VA cost containment program
which is not designed to improve the health of these Vets only to contain the costs.

Depression is part of a hormonal cascade involving which triggers seritonin which in turn is
dependent upon an amino acid cascade which we feel begins with simple sulfur based amino
acids. Mthionine and cysteine are believed to be the basis for these longer amino acid chains,
not all amino acids are sulfur dependent but the ability to combine in these long chains may be.

The cost to whom? If we are responsible for our own health then why do you spend your
dollars for the supplements you buy? If the current supplement legislation is adopted
your doctor and insurance carrier will be responsible. In the mean time we are what we eat.

Thank you for your thoughts. I understand the dynamics but fear that the Vets may not
understand their responsibility thanks to the nature of the VA and the Vets belief that it should
not cost them for what they believe is the result of their military service.

Patrick McGean

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I think the Vets are facing the same problems that the general public are facing when it comes to health. Their drugs are being paid for by the veterans administration, so to go with sulfur or other non-drug solution, it would be something that they would have to pay for themselves. My insurance company won't pay for my Omega 3 fish oil, L-tryptophan, or TrueHope EmPowerPlus and and other nutrients, although they are more effective than drugs.

The health situation in the U.S. is very similar to Canada. The Canadian Government is in the process of voting on passing Bill C-51, which is very similar to Codex Alimentarius.

You can probably test the theory if you can get a few veterans to volunteer. That is about as helpful as I can be on that subject. :-)

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