Getting help for 30 year old son with depression?

I'm desperatly seeking help for my 30 yr. old son. He has been through a lot in trying to deal with his condition and nothing seems to be working.

I discovered your site by accident. He has been on practically every drug out there and nothing really works. He doesn't want to go on any antidepressants, but when he is off of them he feels that he cannot connect with the world around him. He says nothing matters, he cann't remember when he has really been happy.

I'm at a loss. He is seeing a therapist , but says nothing has really changed. I'm at a loss, but refuse to give up on him. I donot want to place him inb another hospital setting where they will continue to put him on another drug regimen. Do you have any offices in Manhattan?

A. Ryshkewitch

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It looks like your son has "situational" depression. Drugs only address the biological cause of depression when there are other causes or combination of causes for depression. These include biological, psychological, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

What is his situation in life in terms of career, relationship, spiritual...?

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