Suggestions for curing bipolar illness?


I read your article and found it interesting.

I've been diagnosed with bi-polar II disorder by my current psychiatrist that I'm seeing. She made this diagnosis about 2 years ago. I've had a history of depression almost my entire life and I'm now 46 yrs old. A few psychistrists that I've seen in the past say that there is no cure for what I have and that I'll have to be on medication for the rest of my life. I''ve been taking medications on and off for about 15 yrs now and feel that my higher abstract thinking processes have already been damaged by the drugs that I've taken, not to mention the other side effects of these drugs like low sex drive, dry mouth, occaisonal dizziness and problems with balance. I've tried a few alternative mecdine doctors, but either they are too costly and I had to quit because I couldn't afford it, or the treatments didn't fully work well enough. I'm currently on a fixed income, disability income and don't see much hope of ever getting cured of my so called illness. I read about a fish diet on the internet where if one eats fish everyday, they can be cured of bi-polar disorder, but to me this isn't practical. I currrently live in a senior citizen apartment complex full of sick people, which doesn't do my mental health any good, but as of right now, I can't afford to move out. I found a supplement called empower plus on the internet, but the cost is $140.00 a month for these supplements and there is no guarantee they will work. My current doctor has presciibed the drug abilify for me and I'm afraid I'll just end up taking more and more drugs until I turn into a zombie. Any suggestions on what I can do to find a cure for my illness? Or at least get well again?

I agree with you that psychiatry is a pseudo science and I've yet to meet a psychiatrist whom I ever really liked. There's an underlying arrogance to just about all of them that I find hard to swallow at times. Thank


Earl Driskill

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Find out what the cause or causes of the person's bipolar first. It's not only biological. It depends on the person.

Read the articles and interviews on the site. They might help with where to start with finding the causes.

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