Link between pituitary gland functioning and depression?

Dear Mr. Forbes,

I have just happened to find your website and was interested in the link between pituitary gland functioning and depression. I have suffered from severe depression for many years and have recently gone off of my medicine due to side effect, and am totally depressed, but don't want to go back on medicine. It would be my dream to be able to afford to go to you for help, but I can't afford to right now because I have gone back to school and am low on funds. I was wondering if I could be a part in a study or if you knew of a study I could be a part of that used this therapy so that I could get the help I so desperately need. Any information would be helpful as I have suffered so much with this disease.
Thank You,
Teresa Munding

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Hi, I know of no current sstudies on posterior pituitary. I use it for dental problems, high tooth decay rates and/or periodontalo disease. It has been associated with improvements in mental health. I need to see a patient only one time and the rest of the treatment can be done via -email and outside labs. The cost is $415 plus there are charges of approximately $45 for each blood test. Something you can do for now is to follow the Page Fundamentalo Food Plan listed on the net. R. Forbes

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